About Us

TyreCafe is the best online tyre discovery platform in India which helps vehicle owners to buy tyres online in India at cost-effective price. TyreCafe was founded by a bunch of tech savvy people. With the growth of the automotive industry, tyre demand is increasing day by day but end user is highly confused as to which tyre to buy, where to buy and at what cost. This tech-based platform is a one-stop destination to buy the widest range of top tyre brands of the country.

TyreCafe helps you with the following:

  • You can buy best car, bike, truck, bus, tractor and bi-cycle tyres online in India at best possible price.
  • Expert reviews on tyres give additional information about the tyre which helps you to decide the best tyre for your car.
  • You can also compare tyres based on their features and price range and our Tyre Selection Tool guides you to find out the best fit tyre for your vehicle.
  • You can find best dealers near you. You just drop a note and TyreCafe connects you with the dealer of your choice.
  • Tools like tyre pressure tool and tyre upsizing tool help you to know the ideal pressure and appropriate upsizing rule for your tyres.
  • And last but not the least, you can read about latest articles and news about Tyre and overall auto industry!

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