Aeolus is one of the big players in the tyre industry. Aeolus Tyre brand produces tyres of different kinds of vehicles. Founded in 1965, the company produces about 5.5 million tyres every year. Aeolus comes under the list of top 20 tyre companies all around the world. In India, Aeolus is a trusted brand that sells good quality tyres at reasonable prices. Price of Aeolus Tyres starts from Rs 2590 for Aeolus GreenAce AG02 and reaches till Rs 8488 for Aeolus CrossAce AS02. TyreCafe has some of the cheapest Aeolus Tyres in India. You can buy Aeolus Tyres online in India from TyreCafe to avail discount over multiple ranges of tyres.

Aeolus Tyres

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Key Advantages of Aeolus Tyres

  • Aeolus tyres are designed to provide excellent handling and braking.
  • These tyres give good performance on Indian roads.
  • Aeolus car tyres stay grounded with excellent grip on wet roads.
  • Made with advanced compounds, these tyres provide safety and comfort to the driver.
  • Aeolus tyres match the pocket of different budget groups.

About Aeolus Tyres

  • Aeolus was founded in 1965 in Jiaozuo, China. The company is registered in more than 80 countries. It exports its products to more than 140 regions all around the world.
  • Some of the most popular products of Aeolus include the HENAN brand, off-road tyres by Aeolus, bus bias tyres and a few more. One of the biggest achievements of the brand was the Aeolus Ace series and its specific range of agricultural tyres.
  • There are many Research and Development Centres of the company that tests each tyre that is being produced. Here, the brand also focuses on the development of eco-friendly tyres to reduce carbon footprints.
  • This company is involved in the manufacturing of tyres for different kinds of terrains. In India, its products are available for cars and SUVs.

Popular Aeolus Tyres Price and Features

Aeolus manufactures a wide range of tyres fitting perfectly in various cars and SUVs. Here are some of the popular Aeolus Tyres along with their features and advantages. At TyreCafe, Aeolus tyres are available at the best price. You can effortlessly purchase Aeolus Tyres online in India from this portal.

1. Aeolus ECO Touring Ace AG03

  • Price - Aeolus ECO Touring Ace AG03 tyres price in India starts from Rs 3529 and goes to as high as Rs 7111.
  • Structure and Features –
    • This Aeolus car tyre is eco-friendly. With good mileage, they reduce fuel consumption.
    • The centre rib of this tyre is designed in such a way that it gives excellent steering and a comfortable ride.
    • With broad shoulder design, these car tyres have increased braking and cornering ability.
    • With low rolling resistance, these tyres do not produce a lot of noise.

2. Aeolus CrossAce AS02

  • Price - Aeolus CrossAce AS02 tyre is available between Rs 4821 to Rs 8488.
  • Structure and Features –
    • The tyre is made up of zig-zag sipes that give good traction on a wet surface.
    • With the help of four circumferential grooves, the chances of hydroplaning are reduced.
    • It is made up of symmetrical tread design that improves cornering at high speed.
    • The tyre wears out evenly and the chances of early wear are decreased.

3. Aeolus PrecisionAce AH02

  • Price - The Aeolus PrecisionAce AH02 tyre price is 4796.
  • Structure and Features –
    • This car tyre has longitudinal grooves and bionic non-smooth surface that reduces wear and tear.
    • With a silent groove design on shoulder, this tyre reduces noise.
    • The presence of Solution Styrene-Butadiene Rubber and Butadiene Rubber gives excellent turning and braking performance.
    • These tyres give great comfort while riding.

4. Aeolus GreenAce AG01

  • Price - The Aeolus GreenAce AG01 tyres price list ranges between Rs 3207 to Rs 4252.
  • Structure and Features –
    • The presence of block shoulder design gives great braking and cornering.
    • With low fuel-consumption, these car tyres give better mileage.
    • There are three circumferential grooves present that upgrade the ride quality.
    • With joint-less bead wire, the tyres remain uniform.
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AeolusTyres Warranty

This Aeolus Tyre Warranty applies to the original equipment and after-market consumer/owner of the tyre. Eligible tyres must bear the Aeolus brand name and a complete D.O.T. serial identification number and must be operated in normal service. Eligible tyres must be on the car on which they were originally fitted, in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. The tyres are covered by this warranty for the life of the original tread depth down to the level of tread wear indicators moulded at 2/32 inch. If the proof of purchase is not available, the coverage will be 60 months from the date of manufacture. The Limited Warranty Policy provides for tyre replacement under certain specified conditions. The warranty is not applicable for tyres that wear out, fail or become unserviceable because of mistreatment or neglect. It is essential that the terms and conditions defined in this Warranty are read carefully.

Aeolus Tyre Review

In conclusion, when the question arises, how good Aeolus Tyres are, TyreCafe state it is an excellent tyre brand for cars as well as SUV tyres currently available in India. Aeolus Tyre dealers, as well as consumers, post numerous positive reviews about the brand’s tyres at our site. They also give good services within the warranty period. So, buy Aeolus tyres online from TyreCafe to get the products and services of one of the best tyre brands in India.

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