Apollo Tyres Limited is the 11th largest tyre manufacturing brand in the world with production units in India, Netherlands and Hungary. Being a trusted name in the world of tyres you can buy Apollo Tyres in a large variety of sizes and prices. Price of Apollo Tyres starts from Rs 1750 for Apollo Amazer 3G and reaches till Rs 17700 for Apollo Apterra HP. Check out our portal of TyreCafe to find some of the cheapest Apollo Tyres in India. You can also buy Apollo Tyres online in India from TyreCafe to avail great discount over multiple ranges of products.

Apollo Tyres

India Customer Care 1800 212 7070

Key Advantages of Apollo Tyres

  • Wide variety of Apollo Tyre sizes catering to a broad spectrum of vehicles from BMW, Audi, Volvo, to Apollo Tyres for Fortuner, Apollo Tyres for Duster, Apollo Tyres for Verna, and Apollo Tyres for Swift.
  • Presence of wider circumferential grooves in Alnac 4G offers excellent wet grip.
  • Best in class driving precision due to directional-ribs providing maximum central pressure.
  • Wear-resistant tread compound.
  • Can conquer every road from smooth surface to rough terrain giving them the nickname ‘bad road buddy’.
  • Apollo Tyres India price list suits every budget.

About Apollo Tyres

  • Apollo Tyres India started its operation on 28 September 1972 with the commissioning of the first plant at Perambra, Thrissur in Kerala. It is currently the 11th largest tyre producer with an annual revenue of Rs 146.74 billion. The company has its headquarter at Gurgaon in Haryana, and there are over 16,000 employees in their payroll. There are four manufacturing plants in India, three in Kerala and one in Gujarat.
  • The brand has a strong network of more than 5000 Apollo Tyres dealers with products available in more than 100 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. Currently, Apollo has set up two state-of-the-art production units in the Netherlands and Hungary to improve the brand presence in European countries.
  • Apollo owns to significant brands- Apollo and Vredestein catering to passenger and commercial vehicles thus producing Apollo car tyres, Apollo SUV tyres, and Apollo van tyres. There are two other region-specific brands – Kaizen and Regal especially meant for Apollo Tyres for truck and buses.
  • In 2016, Apollo announced its foray into the two-wheeler segment with plans of setting up a new manufacturing unit in Andhra Pradesh. On 9 January 2018, Apollo laid the foundation stone of a brand new plant on a 200-acre site in Chinnapanduru village in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh for producing passenger car radial (PCR) tyres catering to domestic and international markets.
  • The brand has Global R&D Centre, Asia in Tamil Nadu; Global R&D Centre, Europe in Enschede of the Netherlands, and a regional R&D Centre at Raunheim in Germany.
  • Being a favourite brand among automakers Apollo Tyres have exclusive tie-up with many reputed companies who use Apollo 4x4 tyres, Apollo sedan tyres,  Apollo hatchback tyres, and Apollo truck tyres as part of original equipment deals.


Popular Apollo Tyres Price and Features

Apollo manufactures a wide range of tyres fitting perfectly in numerous automobiles in the passenger and commercial category including Apollo Tyres for XUV500, Apollo Tyres for Thar, Apollo Tyres for Gypsy, Apollo Tyres for Innova, and Apollo Tyres for Scorpio. Here are some of the popular Apollo Tyres along with their advantageous features and best price for Apollo tyres available at TyreCafe. You can also opt for effortless purchase of Apollo Tyres online in India from TyreCafe.


1. Apollo Aspire

  • Price- Apollo Aspire tyres price in India starts from Rs 7675 and goes to as high as Rs 12530.
  • Structures and Features –
    • The top end version of Apollo Aspire tyres has a width of Rs 235 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 35, and a rim diameter of 19 inches.
    • It fits in top end automobiles including Audi R8 and Porsche 911.
    • Presence of deeper grooves provides the exceptional aquaplaning resistance by evacuating water from the road.
    • Prevents skidding of cars even at high speeds.
    • Wider footprints make the vehicle stop within short distance even on water-filled terrains.
    • Presence of silica tread compound gives superior traction and reduces regular wear and tear. It improves the life of the radial.


2. Apollo Alnac 4G

  • Price- Apollo Alnac 4G is available between Rs 3815 to Rs 8310.
  • Structures and Features –
    • Apollo Alnac 4G tyres have a width of Rs 205 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 60, and a rim diameter of 16 inches in the upper-end model.
    • This make of Apollo tyre fits in Volvo V40 Cross Country, Hyundai Elantra, Maruti SX4, Maruti S Cross, Skoda Laura, and Ford EcoSport.
    • It is one of the best product from Apollo having superior traction and low noise drive. It is ideal for highways as well as city driving. Automobile experts and consumers have posted positive Apollo Alnac 4G tyres India review in various portals.
    • Presence of innovative tread compound offers confident braking.
    • Asymmetric tread pattern provides excellent grip on roads.
    • Wide centre rib enables precise steering control.



3. Apollo Apterra HP

  • Price- The Apollo Apterra HP tyres price list ranges between Rs 7500 to Rs 17700.
  • Structures and Features –
    • The top-end model of Apollo Apterra HP tyres has a width of Rs 255 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 55, and a rim diameter of 18 inches.
    • You can use the Apollo Apterra HP tyres for Audi Q7, BMW X5, Porsche Macan, and Mercedes-Benz M-Class.
    • It is a high-performance tyre from Apollo, offering comfort even at high speeds and superior handling of the SUV.
    • Multi-polymer construction makes the tyre durable even on rough terrains of Indian roads.
    • Unique advanced sipe technology offers superior wet grip.
    • Wide circumferential ribs enable excellent handling of vehicles.


4.   Apollo Amazer 4G

  • Price- The price of Apollo Amazer 4G starts from Rs 2230.
  • Structures and Features –
    • The Amazer 4G tyres have a width of 145 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 80, and a rim diameter of 12 inches.
    • It is one of the favourites make of customers and Apollo Tyres dealers in India due to its high wear-resistance tread compound. The tyre has a life of approximately 100000+ kilometres.
    • The model fits into Maruti Alto 800 and Hyundai EON.
    • The robust construction of the radial makes it resistant to impact. It prevents the penetration of nails under normal circumstances.


5.   Apollo Acelere

  • Price- The price of Apollo Acelere starts from Rs 2356.
  • Structures and Features –
    • Apollo Acelere is used in Honda Amaze, Ford Figo Aspire, Tata Bolt, Toyota Etios Liva, and Hyundai Getz Prime.
    • It gives superb handling in highways and city driving.
    • Exceptional performance even at high speed. Minimum external and in-cabin noise levels offer a comfortable riding experience.
    • High-performance tubeless radial with outstanding dry and wet grip.
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ApolloTyres Warranty

The standard Apollo Tyres manufacturing warranty in India is five years applicable for tyre damage due to an impact, non-repairable puncture, and accidental deterioration of products. Besides, the company also offer two years of unconditional warranty. You need to register at the Apollo portal with your name and contact number along with the details of the authorised dealer for availing the warranty.

Apollo Tyre Review

In conclusion, when the question arises, how good Apollo Tyres are we can state it is one of the best tyre brands for the passenger as well as commercial vehicles currently available in India. Tyre dealers, as well as consumers, post numerous positive Apollo tyres reviews at our site. They also execute the repair works within the warranty period without any delay. So, buy Apollo tyres online from TyreCafe to avail the service of one of the finest tyre brands of India.

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