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Thinking of buying a new set of tyres for your bike? We’ve got it covered! Buy the best bike tyres online in India at TyreCafe. has a wide range of bike tyres available at the best price. This website has been designed so as to give the best products and services to bike owners.

The process of buying bike tyres at TyreCafe is very simple and explained in the following steps:

  • Choose the best bike tyre according to your preferred tyre brand and the price range.

  • Read all the specifications of the tyre to know which product is best suited for your bike.

  • Select the best tyre dealer in accordance with your location.

  • Buy the bike tyres that you desire.

This website has a wide range of bike tyres with India’s of top bike tyre brands like Bridgestone, MRF, JK, CEAT, Michelin, TVS, etc. There are different types of tyres like the tube, tubeless and run-flat tyres available to the users so that they choose the best option for themselves. When it is about buying tyres for your bike, there are many things that one has to check. It is important to know whether you need sports bike tyres, off-road tyres, summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres, etc. With detailed specifications and reviews, it is easier for the buyers to know exactly what they are looking for.

Once a decision is made as to what to buy, the customer can connect with authorised dealers of TyreCafe near them and buy the bike tyre of their choice. These dealers are trusted and authorised by the company.

TyreCafe provides the following:

Bike Tyres Online – You can buy the best bike tyres online in India at TyreCafe. The website is user-friendly and aims to give the best products to its customers. You can choose bike tyres according to the tyre brand, the bike model, the size of the tyre and the price of the tyre. You can also compare similar bike tyres of different brands to know which tyre is best suited for your bike. Also, you can avail discounts and offers on bike tyres and buy cheap bike tyres at TyreCafe.

Best Bike Tyre Dealers – TyreCafe gets the people in touch with some of the best tyre dealers all across the country. You can then look online for the nearest tyre dealer to your location and buy from them. These dealers are authorised and guarantee the best products.

Bike Tyre Reviews and Comparison – Before finalizing a tyre for your bike, there are plenty of options one can use to know if this is the exact product they want. They can compare tyres of different brands and choose accordingly. They can also look at the expert reviews on the tyres and get a clear picture as to what to buy. You can also find reviews of the best car tyres in India in 2019.

News and Articles on Bike Tyres – TyreCafe gives you the latest information about bike tyres in its news section. It also gives all the information related to tubeless bike tyres, off-road bike tyres, sports bike tyres, etc. The article section gives a lot of information about bike tyres and their maintenance. These articles create awareness by answering questions like when to change your bike tyres, how much is a bike tyre life in km, what are the latest bike tyre technologies, what are the bike tyre types, etc.


Buy Bike Tyres Online | Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which are the best bike tyres for Indian roads?

  • Globally, there are many companies that manufacture bike tyres. Out of all these tyres manufactured by different brands, there are few that are very commonly seen on Indian roads. Below given is a list of 7 top-selling bike tyres in India.


  • Michelin Pilot Sporty

  • MRF Zapper FY1

  • MRF Zapper FY

  • MRF Zapper FS

  • Michelin Pilot Street

  • MRF Zapper C

  • MRF Zapper VYDE


  • Is tubeless tyre better than a tube tyre?

  • A tubeless tyre has certain advantages over a tube tyre. These are mentioned below:

    • Retention of air pressure: Tubeless tyres are not 100 per cent puncture proof but they do offer resistance against punctures to a certain extent. If a tubeless tyre gets punctured, it does not lose air immediately. It releases the pressure slowly allowing the vehicle to be driven for a good amount of distance.

    • Lighter in weight: There is no separate tube in a tube tyre that makes it lighter in weight. This is turn causes considerably less friction when they hit the ground enhancing the drive quality and experience. The tyres also ensure better mileage than tube tyres.

    • High durability and long-lasting: Tubeless tyres are made with a harder compound to offer high resistance to bruising and cuts. They are also extremely long lasting than tube tyres.


  • What is the difference between radial and cross-ply tyres?

  • These are the key difference between bias or cross-ply tyre and radial tyre:

    • Speed - The bias structure is suitable for vehicles travelling at a moderate speed. The radial structure, however, enables the bike to move at a speed of more than 150 miles per hour.

    • Engine – Bias tyres are suitable for small or medium sized engines. Radial Tyres are used for comparatively powerful engines.

    • Chassis – Bias structures are best suited for flexible chassis, whereas, the radial structure is best suited for rigid chassis.

    • Suitable bike – Bias tyres are suitable for heavy or heavily loaded bikes. Radial tyres, however, are suitable for sports bikes.


  • Which are the cheap yet good quality bike tyre brands in India?

  • The majority of people in India ride two-wheelers on daily basis from home to work and vice-versa. Looking at the road condition of the country, people tend to look for tyres that work well on the different type of road conditions. The problem with buying expensive tyres in the country is that no matter how expensive the tyre is, it will wear out soon if used regularly on Indian roads. So here is a list of top 5 budget-friendly tyre brands that manufacture tyres suited for our vehicle as well as our pocket:


  • What is a good tread wear rating for a tyre?

  • Tyre tread wear rating is the UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) rating, which can be seen as a number on the sidewall of the tyre that determines the expected life of the tyre. The higher the UTQG treadwear rating, the more will be the tyre life. According to the tyre tread wear rating chart, if a tyre has 600 treadwear rating, then it is twice as good as a tyre with 300 treadwear rating.


  • How does a tyre killer work?

  • Tyre killers have been designed in such a way that they behave like normal speed breakers for a person driving on the right side of the road. However, it punctures the tyre of the vehicles moving on the wrong side of the road. This happens due to the presence of sharp steel spikes on one side of the metal strip.


  • What are airless tyres made of?

  • Airless tyres or non-pneumatic tyres do not need air to support the load on them. These tyres have a different structure than the traditional tyres that help them to move without air in them. Airless tyres are made up of solid rubber compounds like traditional tyres but they do not perform the same with normal vehicles.

  • Just like normal tyres, non-pneumatic tyres also have a hub and are covered with rubber from outside which contacts the road while rotating. A non-pneumatic tyre helps in increasing load carrying capacity, maintains pressure and prevents the tyre from punctures and blowouts. Tyre companies like Apollo and Michelin have already started working on this technology.

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