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One of the world’s biggest tyre manufacturing companies, Apollo Tyres LTD was incorporated on 28th September 1972. Its headquarters are located in Gurgaon. Initially, the company focused on the production of truck tyres, the first tyre being Rajdhani in India. The company’s 1st manufacturing unit was in Kerala, which now has been expanded to 4 manufacturing units in India. Apollo became two-wheeler tyre manufacturer in March 2016. Along with 4 manufacturing units in India, it has 1 unit in the Netherlands and 1in Hungary. The brand received the FICCI award for the best Quality Systems among the large industry category. Apollo started as a single enterprise but has achieved recognition globally.

The company has a wide range of tyres for different vehicles, for different road conditions and different weather conditions. Let’s have a look at some different types of tyres offered by Apollo Tyres.

Apollo Car Tyres

Apollo offers a large list of passenger car tyres. The company’s car tyres are becoming quite popular in India as well as worldwide. Some of these popular tyre models are as follows:

Amazer 4G

Apollo Sports Bike Tyres

One of India’s leading tyre manufacturer Apollo Tyres a few years ago stepped into the segment of sports bike tyres. For many decades, Apollo manufactured and specialised in the production of four-wheeler tyres for cars, SUVs, buses and trucks.

Over the past five years, they acquired renowned tyre brands like Dunlop, Vredestein and Kaizen. The only segment they didn’t have their presence was the two-wheeler segment. In March 2016, they announced their entry in the lucrative segment of two-wheelers. They introduced a series of tyres named “Acti” for mid-segment motorbikes and scooters. Rear tyre with three tread patterns was introduced namely Acti Grip R1 and R2 which are multi-purpose and fit for both on and off-road. Acti Grip R3 being directional pattern tyre is best suited only for tarmac. Front tyres were also introduced in three patterns, Acti Steer F1 sports with straight rib pattern and Acti Zip F2, F3 sports with a directional pattern. These tyres are designed to handle high-speed biking and heavy braking.

Tyres with superior grip

Apollo Tyres Limited features in top 10 best tyre manufacturers. They offer a wide range of premium tyres which offer great handling and superior control.

Let’s take a glance at Apollo 4G series tyres and their salient features.

Apollo 4G Alnac: These are high-quality tyres which provide extreme comfort and memorable driving experience. These are specially designed to provide outstanding control and handling while cornering.


  • Wide circumferential grooves provide a firm grip on a wet surface.

  • Tyre tread with wide outer shoulder ensures superior handling on dry roads as well.

  • These are extremely lightweight, which lowers fuel consumption.

  • Offers low rolling resistance

  • Stiff centre ribs provide perfect steering precision on highways.

  • Due to exceptional steering control, these tyres enhance safety while driving at high speed on highways.

  • These are available in 21 different rim sizes.


Apollo 4G Aspire:  These tyres are known for their enhanced safety as they provide superior handling and stability.


  • Rubber compound contains a high proportion of silica which provides a firm grip on the wet and dry surface.

  • Low noise tyre throughout its life cycle.

  • Unique tread patterns ensure comfort while riding.

  • Improved high-speed braking.

  • Available in 15 different rim sizes.


Apollo Amazer 4G Life: The most recent addition in Apollo 4G series is Amazer 4G life. It’s a premium tyre which comes with extended life and the company claims that they can run till 1,00,000 km.


  • These are highly resistant to puncture as they have 6 layers of robust construction.

  • This construction makes it extremely difficult for the needle to pierce through the tyre.

  • Made with Apollo turtle tread compound which makes it extremely long-lasting.

  • These tyres have a firm grip for all sorts of surfaces.

  • Much improved and enhanced braking which minimises the stopping distance.

  • Good shock absorption capacity.

Apollo targeting Sports Bike segment

Apollo had launched a new high-performance tyre in the market, the Apollo Alpha-H1. This is company’s first steel radial tyre designed specifically for high-performance sports bikes such as TVS Apache RR310 and KTM 390 Duke.

Alpha-H1 is the first tyre by Apollo which is manufactured for the road as well as for track use. With this Apollo will compete against the likes of Metzeler and Michelin Pilot sport street tyres.

Let’s look at some of the standout features of Apollo-H1.

Design of Tyre: These are designed to handle extreme tyre expansion which happens at high speed, thus ensuring maximum contact patch at all time. Tyre stiffness is improved drastically with the use of steel belt that runs along the circumference of the tyre. These belts with steel coated wires also provide better rigidity to the overall structure.

Made with Latest technology: The latest and advanced multilayer compound technology is used in the manufacturing of these tyres. With the use of this technology, layers of a different compound are used which imparts exceptional grip to the tyre on both dry as well as wet surface and also during cornering at high speed. ‘V’ shaped grooves on tyre shoulder make them look attractive.

Handling: Alpha-H1s are capable of offering a great balance for dry as well as slippery tracks at high acceleration. Even at high speed, they feel extremely planted. ‘V’ shaped grooves evacuate the groundwater much quickly and efficiently.

Size options:  Apollo offers these tyres in 110/70 ZR17 for front and 150/60 ZR 17 rear tyres.

Apollo Alpha-H1


The Apollo Alpha-H1 is Apollo’s invention for motorbike tyres. These tyres are the company’s first motorcycle steel radial tyres that are designed to deliver high performance. These tyres are designed to provide more grip and increased tread life. The company has claimed that the Alpha-H1 offers 50 per cent more tread life than the standard tyres used on KTM 390 Duke and KTM RC 390. These tyres provide good grip on-road as well as off-the-road tracks.

Let’s look at the specifications of Alpha-H1:

  • Alpha-H1 front tyre’s size is 110/70 ZR17, with 54 load index and W speed index. Alpha-H1 rare tyre’s size is 150/60 ZR17, with 66 load index and W speed index.

  • The tyres are made with zero degree steel belts that maintain stability on high speed without much structural deformation.

  • For outstanding sports handling, these tyres have dual radii cavity that quickly achieves lean angles.

  • For maximum grip on a wet and dry surface and optimum tread mileage, the tyre is made with a premium blend of silica and carbon black.

  • For short braking distance and excellent performance on a wet surface, the tyres have V-oriented grooves.



APTERRA AT tyres by Apollo has been designed to provide excellent grip on the road as well as off-road. Let’s look at the pros of these tyres:

  • Excellent control – The tyre has a stiff block that gives stability and precise steering.

  • Great off-road performance – This tyre has many wide grooves. This gives good grip on wet, mud and gravel terrains.

  • Durability – They have a unique tread design that prevents wear and tear on stones.


APTERRA HT tyres by Apollo have been designed for advanced steering and maximum durability. Let’s look at the pros of these tyres:

  • Excellent grip on a wet and off-road surface – For improved safety on wet surface finite element analysis grooves and sipes.

  • Excellent durability – For great performance these tyres have been built with cut resistant tread.

  • Steering response – For precise steering, these tyres have stiffer blocks.


APTERRA HT2 has been one of the top selling tyres by Apollo. The company has launched another edition of this tyre, known as Apterra– OWL (Outlined White Lettering) tyre. It is the brand’s first tyre that has been introduced as a stylish tyre in the SUV range. This tyre is specially designed for SUV lovers. It is made for people who love to go for long rides. They look stylish and give an amazing look to the car.

This tyre has specially designed treads that make sure that the rider has a comfortable and safe journey in different types of conditions.

Advantages of using Apterra OWL

  • Superb grip on dry and wet surface

  • Provides faster braking

  • High-quality rubber compound

  • Provides comfort on rough roads

  • Provides excellent safety

Apollo Tyres for other vehicles

Apollo manufactures tyres for Trucks, buses and lorry as well. The brand produces radial as well as bias tyres for different geographical locations.

For agricultural tyres, Apollo produces FARMKING for tractor tyres, Krishak Premium Drive for harvester tyres and DHRUV for trailer implement tyres.

The company produces construction vehicles as well. It produces tyres for Backhoe, Compactor, Loader, Grader, Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Telescopic Handler and Multi-Purpose machines.

Apollo also produces tyres for earthmovers. For Loaders, AWL 822 tyre is available; similarly, there are tyres available for ADT and RDT.

Earlier, Apollo only manufactured tyres for buses, trucks and cars. Later, the company also stepped on the bike segment. Today the brand is one of the top tyre brands in the country.











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