Bentley Continental GT vs Continental GTC – Price and Specs

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Bentley Continental GT is a grand tourer manufactured by the German brand Bentley and the GT Convertible or GTC is a two-door four-seater luxury convertible car based on GT. In this article, you will know about the interior and exterior of both the cars. You will also know about their engine and power specifications, along with their price. There is also a side-by-side comparison of the main features of both these models, along with the pros and cons of driving them.

About Bentley Continental GT 

The Continental GT from British automaker Bentley Motors is an excellent grand tourer edition having the DNA of Bentley along with contemporary design and latest technology. This car first debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2003, when the parent company, Bentley came under the Volkswagen AG management after it was taken over in 1998. It was also the first automobile to undergo mass production manufacturing process under Bentley. The British car makers have a long heritage of crafting cars with outstanding performance and intricate detail work.  They have a mesmerising charm and design aesthetics which no car lover can ignore.


Stylish Exterior of Bentley Continental GT

The outer look of the car is an undisputed visual treat and suggests it is an output of science fiction fantasy. The exterior surface creates an impression of unibody carving with an elegant front fascia and perfectly shaped side profile. Even the sleek window sections generate a feeling of being embedded on the main body frame. It bears the classic honeycombed matrix radiator grille with a subtle vertical line enhancing its view. You also get the four-lamp formatting headlamps which do not protrude from the surface but perfectly aligned to the body design. At the rear end, there are wraparound tail lamps with the signature floating LEDs.


Premium Interiors of Bentley Continental GT

The premium interiors of this car come with an upmarket touch in all its components that makes the car all the more irresistible.  The dashboard has a smart combination of rotary switches and a touchscreen making it easy to use for the riders. The 8-inch display unit takes care of the infotainment of the car. The British audio specialists Naim offers in-car entertainment which got exclusively designed for this coupe. You get the latest radiator speakers with Dirac dimensions-digital-processing which customise the speakers transforming the car into a mini-opera.


Engine and Power Specification

Under the hood of GT, you get a 6.0-Litre Twin Turbo-charged W12 Engine generating a maximum power of 582 bhp@6000 rpm and a peak torque of 720 Nm@1800 rpm. A ZF 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox supplies power to all the wheels through column mounted gearshift paddles. The engine is also efficient enough of not burning the fuel like a wildfire, and you get a decent mileage of 12.8 Kmpl. The acceleration is fast yet smooth, and it takes merely 4.5 seconds to reach 100 Kmph. The maximum recorded speed is 309 Kmph. The Continuous Damping Control (CDC) adjusts the suspension settings numerous times in a second so that you can enjoy a pleasurable journey both a low and high speed.


Price and Competition

The ex-showroom price range of Bentley Continental GT V8 S is INR 3.56 crore. Bentley enjoys a loyal group of fans, and there is hardly any scope of competition. However, Aston Martin DB11 and Rolls-Royce Wraith come close to this iconic coupe regarding specification and pricing.

Pros of owning Bentley Continental GT 

The advantages of riding the Continental GT include the following.

  • The coupe has a premium design which embraces on all the sides like a smooth curve.

  • The 6.0-Litre W12 Engine and the seamless gear shift offer stellar performance in all speed condition.

  • There are bespoke options regarding exterior body colour and interior upholstery.

Cons of owning Bentley Continental GT 

The cons of riding the car include the following.

  • The rear seating is not as spacious as the front ones; It has options for only two persons to sit.

  • The price tag of this coup is exorbitantly high, making it out of the reach of most of the Bentley fans.

Finally, we can say Continental GT is one of the most aesthetically designed cars seen on the road. Riding this iconic beauty offers immense pleasure and pride to the owner.

About Bentley Continental GTC

The British luxury car manufacturers Bentley Motors launched the Continental GTC for the first time in 2005. It is a two-door convertible car based on its previous sibling Continental GT coupe. Bentley has a long tradition of crafting premium automobiles with utmost care so that you can own premium handcrafted vehicles which are a beauty to behold and a pleasure to drive. One of the exclusive features of this car is you can avail them in a myriad of colour shades. Currently, there are 35 different tones available in India- Amber, Burnt Oak, Breeze Blue, Bronze Brown, Apple Green, Aurora, and Black Sapphire being the popular ones.


Exteriors of Continental GTC

The outer surface of all the Bentley cars comes with an elegant feel, resonating the refined taste of the owner. Though the original GTC had an understated look, the current 2012 upgrade presents an assertive stance with many contemporary features. The front fascia bears the signature Bentley grille along with the traditional four-lamp format shining like a jewel. These aesthetic headlamps with LED daytime-running lights signify the matured taste of manufacturers. The three-layer fabric roof of the GTC gets crafted in eight colours and can fold and rise electrically in just 25 seconds. You can operate this function when the car is running up to a speed of 32 Kmph. The entire body of the convertible comes in smooth curves keeping aerodynamics alive.


Interiors of Continental GTC

The handcrafted car comes with a luxurious cabin with soft-touch premium leather upholstery, a wide range of wood veneers for the dashboard, and deep-pile carpets on the flooring. This car also has an advanced infotainment system complemented by a 30GB onboard hard drive. You get an 8-inch touchscreen display taking care of the entertainment and navigation function. Bentley rightfully claims that they are the pioneer in crafting unrivalled levels of cabin quietness; the interlayer glass, wheel-arch liners, and underbody sheets go a long way in minimising outside noise.


Engine and Other Specification

Beating at the heart of the car you find a 6.0-Litre Twin Turbo-charged W12 Engine, churning out 633 bhp@5900 rpm power and peak torque of 840 Nm@2000 rpm. It woos the rider not only with an outstanding girth but also an incredible performance. The engine remains mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox supplying power to all the wheels. Pick up is the area where this convertible outshines others by a wide margin. You can zoom here from 0 to 100 Kmph in just 4.5 seconds, and top speed recorded so far is 314 Kmph.


Price and Competition

The Continental GTC is currently available at INR 3.91 crore (ex-showroom, Delhi). There is very less scope of the competition of this supremely luxurious four-seater convertible. However, Ferrari’s V8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet come close to it regarding pricing and specification.

Pros of Owning Continental GTC

There are several advantages of riding the Continental GTC.

  • You get world-class craftsmanship in both the exteriors as well as interiors of the car.

  • The Twin Turbo-charged W12 Engine is excellent regarding handling and performance. The seamless gearshift offers outstanding driving dynamics to the rider.

  • You get bespoke options in designing the cabin of the convertible.


Cons of Owning Continental GTC

There are a few points of improvement in this car as well.

  • The rear seats are cramped, and only children can find it comfortable in those seats.

  • The cost of maintaining the car is a challenging affair.

  • Bentley should improve its dealership network in India.

Finally, we can say owning a Continental GTC is a dream for many automobile lovers. If you are prepared to invest INR 3.91 crore, then there is nothing better than riding this convertible.Let’s look at all the major features of Continental GT and GTC side by side.

Specification – Continental GT – Continental GTC

  1. Engine Type – Twin Turbo W12 Engine - Twin Turbo W12 Engine

  2. Engine Displacement – 5998 cc – 5998 cc

  3. Fuel Type – Petrol – Petrol

  4. Power – 582 bhp@6000 rpm – 633 bhp@5900 rpm

  5. Torque – 720 Nm@1800 rpm – 840 Nm@2000 rpm

  6. No of Cylinders – 12 – 12

  7. Transmission – Automatic – Automatic

  8. Gear Box – 8 Speed – 8 Speed

  9. Drive Type – AWD – AWD

  10. 0-100kmph – 4.5 Seconds – 4.2 Seconds

  11. Mileage – 10.1 kmpl – 10.1 kmpl

  12. Top Speed – 318 km/h – 331 km/h

  13. Suspension (Front/ Rear) – Air Springs – Air Springs

  14. Brakes (Front/Rear) – Ventilated Disc – Ventilated Disc

  15. Steering Type – Power – Power

  16. Minimum Turning Radius – 5.9 metres – 5.9 metres

  17. Tyre Size – 275/40 R20 – 275/35 R21

  18. Wheel Size – 20” – 21”

  19. Alloy Wheel Size – 20 Inch – 21 Inch

  20. Tyre Type – Tubeless, Radial – Tubeless, Radial

  21. Seating Capacity – 4 – 4

  22. Doors – 2 – 2

  23. Boot Space – 358 litres – 358 litres

  24. Fuel Capacity – 90 Liters – 90 Liters

  25. Ground Clearance (Laden/Unladen) – 142mm – 152mm

  26. Length Width Height – 4807*2226*1401 – 4818*2226*1391

  27. Wheelbase – 2746mm – 2746mm

  28. Steering Column – Tilt Adjustable – Tilt Adjustable

  29. Power Windows – Front and Rear – Front and Rear

  30. Music System – Integrated (in-dash) – Integrated (in-dash)

  31. Airbags – Driver/Passenger/Side Front - Driver/Passenger/Side Front

  32. Fog Lamps – Rear – Rear

About Bentley Continental

Bentley Continental is a name that has been used in a whole series of luxury cars since 1952. After the Second World War, Bentley started its production of civilian automobiles and relocated its factory from Derby to Crewe. From 1952 to 1955 the company manufactured the R- Type Continentals for three years. This was the second series in the range of luxury cars by the brand. In 2015 a 1952 R Type Continental, in unrestored condition, sold for over $1 million USD.

Production Timeline of Bentley Continental

1952 to 1965

The following cars models were available from 1952 to 1965:

  • 1952 : Bentley Continental Mark VI

  • 1952–1955 : Bentley Continental R-type

  • 1955–1959 : Bentley Continental S1

  • 1959–1962 : Bentley Continental S2

  • 1962–1965 : Bentley Continental S3

1984 to 2002

After the introduction of the unitary construction Bentley T-series, there was the unavailability of the separate Continental chassis. The following models were produced from 1984 to 2002:

  • 1984–1995 : Bentley Continental

  • 1991–2002 : Bentley Continental R

  • 1994–1995 : Bentley Continental S

  • 1996–2002 : Bentley Continental T

2003 to present

The three versions of the Continental that have been sold from Bentley to Volkswagen are given below:

  • 2003 : Bentley Continental GT

  • 2006 : Bentley Continental GTC

  • 2005–2013 : Bentley Continental Flying Spur


GT and GTC Models

Model – Years

GT – 2003 – 2010

GTC – 2006 – 2010

GT Speed – 2007 – 2010

GTC Speed – 2009 – 2010

Supersports – 2009 – 2010

Supersports Convertible - 2010

Also, read about the features and price of Bentley Bentagya.







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