Continental AG is a German tyre manufacturing company that is involved in the production of tyres, chassis and various other products for the automotive industry. In India, the brand is popular for offering products for passenger cars, buses, vans, trucks and SUVs. Continental tyres price in India starts from Rs 2358 and goes as high as Rs 51111. Continental tyres in India come at various sizes and prices. To buy these tyres at the best price, you can purchase Continental tyres from the portal TyreCafe and avail latest discounts.

Continental Tyres

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Key Advantages of Continental Tyres

  • Excellent braking on a wet surface. Continental Tyres are designed to stop 16 meters shorter than similar tyres of different brands.
  • The use of Tg- F Polymers in these tyres increases the compound bonding inside the tyres, which decreases the treadwear and increases fuel efficiency.
  • According to the company, Continental Tyres save up to 5150 km of fuel.
  • As these tyres save fuel, they emit less CO2 in the atmosphere and thus are eco-friendly.
  • The presence of +Silane helps in enhancing the tyre’s grip even on the slippery roads by reducing the stopping distance.

About Continental Tyres

  • Continental AG or simply Continental, is a German brand, which manufactures tyres, chassis components and other related products to the automotive industry. Being the fourth biggest tyre maker in the world, Continental has a strong customer base.
  • The company was in 1871, in Hanover, Germany.
  • In 1904, the company produced tyres with grooves for automobiles. Initially Continental manufactured solid tyres for bicycles and carriages, rubber components as well as rubberized fabrics. Later in 1955, air springs for trucks and buses were produced. In 1990, Continental started the production of environment-friendly tyres.
  • The company has many plants operating in several countries, which includes India as well. In India, the company’s headquarters are located in Bangalore.
  • The tyre manufacturer has successfully made its place in the list of leading tyre companies in the world.
  • In India, the company have its manufacturing plants in major cities like Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon and Manesar. The company also has Continental dealers present all across the country.
  • Apart from producing tyres for passenger cars, vans, buses, trucks and SUVs, the company also offers a wide range of bike tyres for off-road, sports and racing.
  • The company is also involved in the production of hydraulic parts, engine actuators, tyre pressure monitoring systems and a few more.

Popular Continental Tyres Price and Features

CONTINENTAL tyres are available in different sizes in India. Here are some popular tyres with CONTINENTAL tyres India price list. You can also buy CONTINENTAL tyres online from TyreCafe to avail the best offer and discounts.


  • Price – The price for Continental CONTICROSSCONTACT is Rs 51111.
  • Structure and Features –
  • This car tyre has excellent acceleration and braking efficiency. Equipped with a bionic contour design, this tyre has a capability of narrowing while running and widening while braking and cornering.
  • Perfect for highway drives, this tyre has sturdy shoulder lugs for stability on high speeds.
  • They have a good steering response due to the presence of deeper tread grooves.
  • They give good grip on a wet and dry surface.
  • High Silica also helps in giving excellent wet traction.

2. Continental Conti4x4Contact

  • Price - The cost of Continental Conti4x4Contact starts from Rs 6750 and goes to as high as Rs 14900.
  • Structure and Features –
  • This tyre’s tread pattern is quite innovative. Wide and longitudinal tread grooves give excellent dry as well as wet grip.
  • These tyres make lesser noise while moving and give a comfortable ride. This happens due to the presence of offset tread blocks.
  • The central grooves are wide and give great steering response.
  • The presence of sipes gives a great performance on wet or snowy tracks.
  • Optimum for highway drives, these tyres are solid and durable for rough roads as well.

3. Continental ContiSportContact 5

  • Price – Continental ContiSportContact 5 tyres price list ranges between Rs 12400 to Rs 29000.
  • Structure and Features –
  • This car tyre has excellent speed handling and control due to the presence of a central rib.
  • Equipped with unique Black Chili, the rubber polymers gives great wet braking.
  • Macro-block design on the shoulder gives high stability.
  • It has superior wet and dry traction on the road.
  • The tyres have low rolling resistance that gives the tread a long and low fuel consumption.
  • These tyres are ideal for highways and track use.

4. Continental ContiCrossContact LX 2

  • Price - The top-end model of Continental ContiCrossContact LX 2 is available between Rs 8600 to Rs 13100.
  • Structure and Features –
  • The wide tread pattern on the centre gives superior handling and control.
  • The tread has some additional raised areas for excellent dry and wet braking.
  • The presence of sipes gives great traction on wet or snowy tracks.
  • These tyres give a quiet and comfortable ride.
  • Longer tread life is achieved with a wider contact patch and even distribution of pressure.
  • The aggressive texture of the tread pattern performs well with highways and little off-roading.
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ContinentalTyres Warranty

Continental Tyre warranty applies to the original owner of new Continental brand passenger and light truck tyres, that are a new replacement market tyres, bearing the Continental brand name and the tyre identification number, must have been operated in normal service, should have been used on the same vehicle on which they were originally fitted according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and purchased from an authorized Continental tyre dealer. Tyres used in competition are not eligible for any coverage under the warranty. Tyres on any vehicle registered and normally operated outside India are excluded from eligibility under this warranty.

Continental Tyre Review

In conclusion, it will be right to say that Continental Tyres is one of the best brands for car tyres currently available in India. Customers, tyre dealers, as well as tyre experts, post numerous positive Continental tyres reviews at our site. The brand’s authorised dealers are present all over India, from small to big cities. To know about the Continental Tyres price list and Continental Tyres dealers list you can check the portal TyreCafe for all the information. So, buy Continental tyres online from TyreCafe to avail the products and service of one of the premium tyre brands of India.

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