Falken Tyres is a reputed tyre brand of Sumitomo Rubber Industries of Japan. The company manufacture tyres for a broad spectrum of vehicles including Falken car tyres, Falken 4x4 tyres, Falken van tyres, and Falken truck tyres. Falken tyres price in India start from Rs 2150 for Falken SINCERA SN835 and reaches to Rs 25112 for Falken WILDPEAK A/T. Buy Falken tyres in India from TyreCafe- the most trustable forum for multiple varieties of radials. You can also purchase Falken tyres online in India from our portal at a cost-effective price.

Falken Tyres

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Key Advantages of Falken Tyres

  • Falken tyres come with 4D Nano design which enhances tread flexibility and also decreases polymer heat generation while gripping on to roads.
  • Incorporation of Tension Control Technology offers flexible middle sidewall for absorbing the shock.
  • Remarkable handling capability due to the presence of stiff outside shoulder.
  • Wide shoulder blocks provide improved cornering abilities.
  • Falken tyres are available for a wide range of vehicles including Falken tyres for Innova, Falken tyres for XUV500, Falken tyres for Scorpio, Falken tyres for Verna, and Falken tyres for Swift.
  • Falken tyres India price list meets everyone’s budget.

About Falken Tyres

  • Falken Tyres started its operation as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) in 1983 in Japan. SRI is the sixth largest tyre conglomerate all over the world. In the year 1985, the brand started Falken Motorsports and its U.S. Distribution at Glendale in California. Currently, the brand has its corporate headquarter at Rancho Cucamonga, California which was set up in 1991. There are five distribution centres for Falken in the United States including California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey and Texas.
  • In 1988, Falken launched SINCERA tyre which is a cutting edge all season radial from this brand. Around the same time, the company also started its European distribution with a European office at Offenbach Am Main in Germany.
  • From 1996 onwards, the brand started producing ZIEX tyres as high-performance Falken SUV tyres, Falken sedan tyres, and crossover tyres which provide extended tread life and all-season safety. In 2001, Falken launched AZENIS tyres- a premium sports coupe and sedan tyres.
  • Falken tyres started its Indian operation with a joint venture between Sumitomo Rubber Asia (Tyre) Pvt. Ltd. and Stamford Tyres Corporation Ltd. The corporate office in India is in Gurgaon, Haryana. The brand produces premium tyres exceptionally adaptable for Indian roads. Over the years, Falken has solidified its presence in India and has become a preferable tyre for automobile owners. They have posted positive Falken tyres India reviews thanks to its enhanced life span, firm grip on roads, and precise handling of vehicles.
  • Falken is also a favourite tyre brand for auto manufacturers, and they use these tyres in their brand new vehicles as a part of the original equipment deal. They also recommend the use of Falken tyres for Fortuner, Falken tyres for Duster, Falken tyres for Thar, and Falken tyres for Gypsy.

Popular Falken Tyres Price and Features

Falken, being a trusted brand of tyres is widely used as Falken hatchback tyres, Falken sedan tyres, Falken SUV tyres, and Falken tyres for trucks. Buy Falken tyres online in India from Tyrecafe to avail the economical prices over a range of products. You can find here different Falken tyre sizes fitting perfectly in many vehicles. Here are some of the popular Falken tyres along with the best price of this brand.

1. Falken WILDPEAK A/T

  • Price- Falken WILDPEAK A/T tyres price list ranges between Rs 12096 to Rs 25112.
  • Structures and Features –
    • The top-end version of the Falken WILDPEAK A/T tyres has a width of 285 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 60, and a rim size of 18 inches. It remains compatible with Toyota Land Cruiser 200.
    • It is the best tyre for rough terrains, and the presence of large tread blocks make it glide through rocky surfaces and mucky roads. Rugged and rigid tread blocks do not allow stones to get trapped between the grooves.
    • The tyre has multi-angled grooves offering outstanding traction over water, mud, and snow.
    • Variable shoulder block design provides quiet ride experience.
    • Falken’s patented 3D Canyon Sipes helps in resisting wear and tear and offers stability to the SUV.

2. Falken ZIEX ZE912

  • Price- Cost of Falken ZIEX ZE912 tyres starts from Rs 7644 and goes to as high as Rs 15883.
  • Structures and Features –
    • This high-performance tyre remains compatible with Hyundai Santa Fe, Volvo XC60, Audi Q5, and Porsche Macan.
    • Low rolling resistance of these tyres offers enhanced fuel efficiency.
    • Wide circumferential grooves help in evacuating water and improves hydroplaning resistance for superior wet grip.
    • Presence of sturdy tread blocks in the tyres makes the vehicle stable even at high speeds.

3. Falken AZENIS PT722

  • Price- The price range of Falken Azenis PT722 lies between Rs 4150 to Rs Rs 9763.
  • Structures and Features –
    • The tyre comes with a jointless nylon cap ply making it highly durable for Indian roads.
    • Long lateral grooves decrease hydroplaning and offer outstanding wet grip.
    • Presence of rotation wear indicators notifies drivers about his rotation timings.
    • High-density casing ply in these tyres prevents wear and tear.
    • Wide steel belts make these tyres durable and improve its performance.

4. Falken SINCERA SN835

  • Price- Cost of Falken SINCERA SN835 ranges from Rs 2150 to Rs 5329.
  • Structures and Features-
    • Falken is SINCERA SN835 one of the favourite radials of automobile owners and Falken tyres dealers in India. They recommend customers to buy Falken SINCERA SN835 tyres because of its excellent safety, security and reliability.
    • This tyre remains compatible with a wide range of vehicles including Maruti Ciaz, Hyundai Elite i20, Hyundai i20 Active, Maruti Baleno, Fiat Punto EVO.
    • Presence of lateral sipes provides remarkable wet grip.
    • Straight channels in tyres make the ride comfortable and quiet.

5.   Falken WILDPEAK H/T01

  • Price- The best price for Falken WILDPEAK H/T01 tyres start from
  • Structures and Features –
    • This high-performance SUV tyre fits perfectly in Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra Bolero, Mahindra Xylo, Tata Sierra, and Tata Sumo Grande.
    • Presence of symmetrical non-directional 5-Rib tread design offers stability and comfort to the automobile.
    • Straight circumferential grooves give outstanding wet grip.
    • Jagged central rib with sipes keeps the vehicle stable even at high speeds.
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FalkenTyres Warranty

The standard Falken Tyres warranty in India for manufacturing defects of all radials are five years from the date of manufacture or till the tread depth reaches 1.6 millimetres, whichever is earlier. This warranty is valid only for the original buyers when they purchase tyres from authorised Falken tyre dealers. A tyre inspector from Falken Tyre India Private Limited (FTI) examines your radials, and his verdict is final regarding the claim of warranty. You can even register for warranty of Falken tyres online at their official portal.

Falken Tyre Review

Finally, when buyers ask how good Falken tyres are, we at TyreCafe can recommend without any doubt that they are one of the best tyres going by the safety and security of vehicles, tyre life, and warranty policy of manufacturers. Many Falken tyre owners have posted positive Falken tyres reviews after using these products. Additionally, you can purchase Falken tyres from most of the towns and cities of India. Please browse through the portal of TyreCafe to check the cheapest Falken tyre prices and attractive discounts that we are offering now.

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