Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company is one of the four top tyre manufacturers in the world. The company started its production in Akron, Ohio. Today, Goodyear is recognised as a top tyre company that strives to produce top quality products. You can buy Goodyear tyres from a starting price range of Rs 1200 for Goodyear EAGLE EFFICIENT GRIP to Rs 92700 for Goodyear EAGLE NCT5. Check out our portal of TyreCafe to find some of the cheapest Goodyear Tyres in India. You can also buy Goodyear Tyres online in India from TyreCafe to avail great discount over multiple ranges of products.

Goodyear Tyres

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Key Advantages of Goodyear Tyres

  • Goodyear’s major advantage is its cutting edge technology.
  • Goodyear tyres are popular for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, steering responsiveness and stability on road.
  • Goodyear designs its tyres with wear resistant tread compound so that they last longer than many other similar tyres of other brands.
  • These tyres also come with good safety features.
  • Goodyear is popular for its great cornering ability and excellent traction on different types of road.

About Goodyear Tyres

  • Founded in 1989, Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company was founded by Frank Seiberling in Akron, Ohio. With its headquarters in Akron, the company manufactures tyres for cars, motorcycles, commercial and light trucks, earth-movers as well as airplanes.
  • Initially, the company manufactured tyres for carriages and bicycles, and also rubber horseshoe pads. In 1908, Goodyear tyres were used in Ford’s Model T and the company manufactured their first aircraft tyre in 1981.
  • By 1926, it became the world’s leading rubber company and in 1927 it was listed on the New York stock exchange.
  • After that Goodyear tyre, India opened its production plant in Ballabgarh, Haryana. In 1984, India’s largest tyre was introduced that was above 8-feet tall. The year 1998 celebrated the 100th anniversary of the brand.
  • The first tubeless tyres were launched by Goodyear in 2002. In 2009, the company launched its farm and commercial tyres.
  • An interesting fact about Goodyear is that it was the first tyre to land on Moon.

Popular Goodyear Tyres Price and Features


  • Price – Goodyear EAGLE EFFICIENTGRIP tyres price in India starts from Rs 1200 and goes to as high as Rs 63600.
  • Structure and Features –
  • These tyres are made with advanced “Quiet Tread” technology that makes the tyre less noisy and gives a quiet and comfortable ride.
  • They have an excellent road grip and delivers a smooth ride and maximum safety.
  • These tyres perform great on a both wet and dry surface.
  • They also provide excellent handling on the road.

2. Goodyear EXCELLENCE

  • Price – Goodyear EXCELLENCE tyres price in India is available between Rs 6045 and Rs 36500.
  • Structure and Features –
  • Goodyear EXCELLENCE offers great riding comfort and a luxurious ride.
  • These tyres are made with 3-Zone technology that has been developed in collaboration with some of the top car manufacturers.
  • They come with superior grip and provide great traction.
  • They give great road handling.


  • Price – Goodyear ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX tyres have a price in India that lies between the range of Rs 4028 and Rs 11000.
  • Structure and Features –
  • One of the best qualities of this tyre is its braking ability. These tyres provide maximum braking and control.
  • These tyres are perfect to move on Indian roads as they give good braking on uncertain driving conditions.
  • They provide great wet and dry performance and gives the benefit of power baking in wet conditions.
  • Fuel efficiency is another benefit provided by these tyres.

4. Goodyear DURAPLUS

  • Price – Goodyear DURAPLUS tyres price in India starts from Rs 2600 and goes to as high as Rs 5350.
  • Structure and Features –
  • As the name suggests, Goodyear DURAPLUS is a durable tyre which has a long life.
  • This tyre gives good mileage and has proved itself to be worth the cost.
  • This tyre’s ability to perform on dry conditions is extraordinary.
  • It also has good braking ability, especially on dry roads.


  • Price – Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP SUV tyres price in India starts from Rs 9470 and goes to as high as Rs 18250.
  • Structure and Features –
  • Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP SUV tyres are made with ‘Quite Tread’ technology to reduce road noise and vibrations.
  • It gives superior grip and excellent traction on the road.
  • These tyres also provide excellent braking on wet roads.
  • With superior comfort, these tyres also give good handling and luxurious riding experience.

6. Goodyear Eagle F1 DIRECTIONAL 5

  • Price – Goodyear EAGLE F1 DIRECTIONAL 5 tyres price in India starts from Rs 11500 and goes to as high as Rs 22650.
  • Structure and Features –
  • Goodyear EAGLE F1 DIRECTIONAL 5 tyres are popular for their precision in handling and responsive grip on the road.
  • These stylish tyres come with ‘Sport Grip’ technology that gives superior grip on the road.
  • These tyres give excellent handling and have great cornering ability.
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GoodyearTyres Warranty

The warranty on Goodyear tyres is applicable to tyres, tubes & flaps manufactured or marketed by “Goodyear India Ltd”. This warranty is non-applicable on racing tyres. The tyres are warranted to be free from defects in material quality or workmanship in its first tread life & warranty period. If the examination shows that such product has failed under the terms of this warranty, the replacement of the product on a pro-rata wear basis. The amount to be compensated for the tyre will be calculated from the percentage of tread wear.

Goodyear Tyre Review

Goodyear tyres have been reviewed by experts as one of the best tyres in the car tyre segment. So if you want to ask how good Goodyear tyres are, you must know that this company is one of the top tyre brands in the world and is trusted by many car producers. They have gained popularity all around the globe as the tyres that give excellent grip and safety. So without wasting any time buy Goodyear tyres online from TyreCafe that has authorised Goodyear dealers all across the country.

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