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By Editor News ( Nov 15, 2018 )

Choosing the perfect set of tyres for your car can be one of the most confusing jobs for someone. The more advice we take from different people, the more confusing it becomes. Since tyres are a very important part of a car and are not changed very often, it is important to know the right type of tyre to be used.

Firstly, one should always take advice from a tyre expert and then to be extra sure one should also learn how to check the perfect size of their tyres themselves. To check the ideal tyre size one simply needs to see the numbers and letters written on the sidewall of the tyre.

Let’s take an example. On the sidewall of your tyre there will be a manufacturing date and besides that date, there will be a marking like 265/65 R17 112T. Let’s see what this marking mean:

  • 265 (width): This denotes the width of the tyre in millimetres. In this case, the tyre width is 265mm.

  • 65 (profile): This is the profile or the depth of the sidewall. This means that in this case, the profile is 65.

  • R17 (Rim diameter): This is the diameter of the wheel rim. In the case, the diameter is 17. It is measured in inches, therefore it is 17in.

  • 112 (load index): This denotes the tyres maximum load bearing capacity, which is 112 in this case.

  • T (speed rating): The speed rating is the maximum speed which is determined in correspondence with the load index. In this case, the speed of the tyre is “T” which means it is 190km/h according to the speed chart. Following given is the speed chart:

Symbol Max speed km/h
N 140
P 150
Q 160
R 170
S 180
T 190
H 210
V 240
W 270
Y 300
ZR 240




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