Hankook tyres price in India starts from Rs.2700 and goes as high as Rs.18500. Hankook car tyres come in a wide variety of sizes and prices. They are trusted by the world's most popular car manufacturing brands as well. You can also find some of the cheapest Hankook tyres exclusively at TyreCafe to buy Hankook tyres online in India.

Hankook Tyres

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Key Advantages of Hankook Tyres

  • Strong Grip suitable for Indian roads
  • Puncture resistant
  • Right balance, comfort and safety
  • Fits your budget

About Hankook Tyres

  • Hankook is a South Korea based tyre making company, which stands seventh in the world market. It was founded in the year 1941 as Chosun tyre company in Seoul and later in 1968, its name was changed to Hankook tyre manufacturing.
  • Hankook Tyres India has gained popularity for its wide range of tyres. The company provides a wide range of products for passenger cars, buses and light trucks. During the company’s initial days, it was looked like a brand that produced cheap tyres. Over the past 30 years, the cost of Hankook tyres increased and the company shifted from “cheap” to “mid-ranged good-quality” tyres. After entering in the original equipment market and manufacturing tyres for brands like Land Rover, Mercedes and Porsche, it became a big player in the tyre sector.
  • The company’s progress was also seen in terms of their advertisements. An improvement was seen in the quality, life span and performance of the tyres. According to the reviews of Hankook tyres in India, they have a strong grip and give a good response on Indian roads.  So today, it would be wrong to say that Hankook is a budget tyre brand. It has now become a mid-range brand that is striving to become a premium tyre brand.
  • Talking about Hankook’s OE work, the company’s tyres are fitted in Ford cars as standard equipment. Hankook had original equipment deals with renowned brands like BMW and Toyota as well. BMW also commented on the performance of Hankook Ventus Prime2 by saying that the tyres offer the right balance, comfort and safety.

Popular Hankook Tyres Price and Features

  • Hankook tyres are also gaining a lot of popularity among Indian masses. Let’s look at the features of some of the most popular Hankook tyres in India with their price range:
    • Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10
      • Price - Rs.8530
      • Structure and Features –
        • Thick sidewall reduces the damage caused by rough off-road terrain.
        • Reinforced under-tread gauge prevents internal damage caused by rough terrain while off-roading.
        • Joint-less beads wire helps in the non-separation of bead while driving on low air pressure or during off-roading.
        • Reinforce carcass helps while driving on hilly regions and maintains on and off-road.
        • This puncture resistant tyre is wrapped with rugged looking tread that guards it against cuts.
        • It also offers outstanding traction in wet, muddy as well as snowy tracks.


    • Hankook VENTUS V12 EVO
      • Price - Rs.5200 – 9960
      • Structure and Features –
        • Nylon belts of high density optimise the structure of the tyre. These belts provide full cover to the tyre and evenly distribute the ground contact pressure while cornering.
        • There is a 3D effect on the block edge of the tyre. This gives a rugged as well as sophisticated design at the same time. It also helps in optimum handling and braking performance.


    • Hankook OPTIMO ME02 K424
      • Price - Rs.7387
      • Structure and Features –
        • Application of high-density belt cord improves steering stability and also makes the tyre durable.
        • Hard yet thin bead filler helps the tyre to have good steering stability and makes it long lasting.
        • For improved braking performance, the tyre is made up of dual joint-less full cover.
        • This tyre is made with a new technology compound to provide good traction on different road conditions.


    • Hankook VENTUS AS RH07
      • Price - Rs.8145 – 18195
      • Structure and Features –
        • The sidewall has been bent a little to provide ride comfort. This optimized sidewall reduces stress on the tyres.
        • The presence of a rim protection bar provides excellent protection to the rim from scuffing and prevents the sidewall from rolling over the rim flange.
        • There are wider high-tensile steel belts present to provide good handling and also to absorb road shocks.
        • To provide more strength to the tread area, nylon belts are added in the tyre. These belts also improve handling.
        • Circumferential grooves are present to give a good grip on a wet surface and also to cool down the tyre.


    • Hankook OPTIMO K415
      • Price - Rs.3645 – 4236
      • Structure and Features –
        • The cap ply has no joint, which helps in improving the uniformity of the tyres. It also helps in providing a smooth ride and higher durability.
        • The high tensile steel belts reduce wear and tear and give immediate steering response.
        • The presence of high tensile modulus bead filler improves stability on high speed and gives a comfortable ride as well.


    • Hankook Ventus Sport K104
      • Price - Rs.8260 – 10670
      • Structure and Features –
        • This tyre is equipped with silica-based compound for good wet and dry grip.
        • The presence of rim protecting bar protects the wheel as well as increases the tyre life.
        • The sidewall of this tyre is quite strong that gives protection against cuts.
        • The tread design of this tyre is quite rigid for longer tyre life.


    • Hankook DYNAPRO HL
      • Price - Rs.12195
      • Structure and Features –
        • The presence of high tensile sidewalls gives high durability to the tyres.
        • The central rib of this tyre is quite stiff providing great handling and control.
        • They are fuel efficient due to low rolling resistance.
        • These tyres work well with snow or ice. With the presence of tread sipes, the traction is maintained over a wet and snowy surface.
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HankookTyres Warranty

The standard warranty for Hankook Tyres is applicable to those tyres that are installed according to the company’s recommendations. The International standard Hankook tyres warranty is valid before the tyre reaches the minimum legal tread depth, or is less than 5 years old. It is also important to ensure that the tyres have been bought by authorised dealers.

Hankook Tyre Review

In conclusion, it would be right to say that Hankook tyres are good quality tyres. They are trusted by the world's most popular car manufacturing brands as well. When it comes to performance, they offer phenomenal execution in comparison with other driving brands. The best part about them is they are cheaper than the rest of the international tyre brands. Hankook is certainly a good brand to consider when you next need tyres.

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