JK Tyre introduced the Redial Technology in India in 1977, and their products are available in a wide selection of sizes, price, and other specifications. JK tyres price in India starts from Rs 1659 (JK ULTIMA LXT) to Rs 13250 (JK Elanzo NXT). You can browse through the portal of TyreCafe to view the best price of JK tyres in India. Buy JK tyres online in India from Tyrecafe to select the best option from multiple choices.


JK Tyres

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Key Advantages of JK Tyres

  • JK tyres in India is available for a broad spectrum from BMW and Mercedes to JK tyres for Innova and JK tyres for swift. They have excellent grip and gives you total control of the vehicle.
  • The ultra-high performance series UX1, meant for super luxury cars are a benchmark for performance, balance, design, and safety.
  • Reliable tubeless radials
  • Low rolling resistances in JK hatchback tyres (Ultima NEO) offers fuel savings.

About JK Tyres

  • JK Tyre & Industries Ltd started its operation in February 1974 in West Bengal and began producing 400000 automobile tyres per annum. It is named JK after the initials of founder Kamlapatji and his father, Seth Juggilal. It became a public limited company on 1st April 1974.
  •  Currently, JK Tyres are available in over 100 countries, and they have nine state-of-the-art plants with a production capacity of approximately 35 million tyres per annum. In 2008, the company acquired Mexican tyre manufacturer Tornel, having three fully functional manufacturing units in Mexico. The brand is commonly known as ‘The Baadshah of radial tyres on Indian roads’, and currently there are more than 15 million trucks and busses on Indian roads running on J K Tyres. Automobile owners remain highly satisfied with the brand and post positive JK tyres review at different portals.
  • JK Tyres have been the favourite brand for automobile experts for its wide range of products including JK car tyres, JK 4x4 tyres, JK van tyres, JK three-wheeler tyres, JK tractor tyres, and JK tyres for trucks. In 217-18, the brand has been chosen as the Super Brand of the year among tyres for a sixth consecutive time. Over the years it has established itself as the leading automobile tyre manufacturers in India, and one of the top 25 brands in the world.
  • In 2016, JK Tyres took on Cavendish Industries Ltd from the Birla Group having a plant at Laksar in Haridwar. In 2017, the company entered two-wheeler market and started producing tyres for Scooter and Royal Enfield. The brand has a strong network of 4000 established JK tyres dealers all over India. Moreover, many traders sell JK tyres online for the convenience of automobile owners.
  • JK Tyres have partnered with many leading automobile giants including Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra, Volkswagen, and Fiat where their products get fitted in brand new vehicles as part of original equipment deals. JK Tyres also produces exclusive products to fit perfectly in specific models of automobiles including JK tyres for Thar, JK tyres for Scorpio, JK tyres for Duster, and JK tyres for Verna.


Popular JK Tyres Price and Features

JK has a wide range of products catering various business segments in the automobile industry including JK SUV tyres, JK sedan tyres, JK hatchback tyres, and JK truck tyres. Here are some popular tyres along with the JK tyres India price list. View JK tyres online in India at Tyrecafe portal to find the best match for your vehicle.


1.   JK UX1

  • Price- The cost of JK UX1 tyres ranges between Rs 4380 to Rs 9704.
  • Structures and Features –
    • UX1 has a width of 235 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 55 and a rim of 17 inches in the higher-end model. It is an ultra-high performance tyre crafted for unmatched ride comfort and maintaining perfect speed, stability, and versatile manoeuvring.
    • Presence of angular sipes helps in superior wet braking.
    • High strength flexible sidewall of UX1 aids in top-grade cornering abilities.
    • Uses genetic algorithm for gaining optimised pitch sequence offering quiet rides.
    • Presence of an innovative rubber compound provides excellent dry traction.
    • The tyre has superb wet grip due to straight circumferential channels.


2.   JK Elanzo NXT

  • Price- JK tyres price list for Elanzo NXT starts from Rs 5200 for the JK tyre size  205/60 R16 and goes to as high as Rs 13250 for the size 265/65 R17.
  • Structures and Features-
    • JK Elanzo NXT is one of the best tyres of the manufactures and used extensively as JK tyres for xuv500, JK tyres for Fortuner, Volvo XC90, Audi Q5, and Mercedes-Benz M-Class.
    • The top-end model of JK Elanzo NXT has a width of 265 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 65, and a rim size of 17 inches.
    • The tyre has traction saw rib design for outstanding control and stability of the vehicle.
    • Presence of solid centre rib and stiff shoulder makes the handling and steering of SUV much easier.
    • Optimised genetic algorithm offers a quiet ride even at high speed.


3.   JK Ranger H/T

  • Price- The price for Ranger H/T ranges between Rs 5180 to Rs 9820.
  • Structure and Features-
    • JK Ranger H/T can fit in Audi Q5, Chevrolet Captiva, Mahindra XUV500, Tata Aria, and Volvo XC60.
    • The tyre has a central wide rib offering perfect steering control.
    • It is suitable for both highway drive and city use.
    • Optimised tread pattern along with wide sipes provide a quiet ride with excellent wet grip.


4.   JK Vectra

  • Price- The top-end version of JK Vectra is available at Rs 5500
  • Structure and Features-
    • JK Vectra fits into numerous sedans including Honda Amaze, Tata Indigo eCS, Ford Figo Aspire, and Tata Bolt.
    • Presence of wide, jagged central rib makes the car perfect for driving at high speed on highways.
    • The tyre has extra flexible sidewalls improving its cornering capabilities.
    • Advanced tread pattern offers outstanding wet and dry braking.


5.   JK Ultima Neo

  • Price- The Ultima series has the cheapest JK Tyres. The price range in the Neo category starts from Rs 1920 and goes till Rs 2560.
  • Structure and Features-
    • This category of tyres mostly fits into entry-level hatchbacks like Hyundai EON and Maruti Alto 800.
    • It improves the fuel efficiency of the car with its low rolling resistance.
    • In spite of being a budget tyre, presence of central rib offers superior handling even at high speed.
    • Variable groove edges help in considerable noise reduction.
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JKTyres Warranty

The standard JK tyres warranty in India for passenger cars and farm tyres is five years from the time of manufacture or the date of the invoice whichever is earlier. Tyre tread condition is also taken into consideration while estimating the warranty. Trucks, busses, LCV, and Jeep tyres come with a warranty of three years. Buy JK tyres from authorised dealers to enjoy the full warranty.

JK Tyre Review

Finally, if you ask how good JK tyres are, we can say this brand delivers one of the finest tyres in India, and countless users have posted positive JK tyres India review after purchasing their product. Many renowned automakers trust them and recommend their use for superb control, stability, and safety of vehicles. These tyres are also cost-effective, and the manufacturers continuously innovate new technologies making the brand worth considering during your next tyre purchase.

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