Kenda Rubber Industrial Company is a reputed pneumatic tyres manufacturing organisation of Taiwan. It produces a variety of radials including Kenda car tyres, Kenda SUV tyres, Kenda van tyres, and Kenda truck tyres. Cost of these radials varies from Rs 1850 for Kenda KR-23 (155/70 R13 75T) to Rs 4400 for Kenda KR-23 (215/75 R15 94V). Buy Kenda tyres online in India from TyreCafe- the most promising forum for multiple brands of tyres of all sizes. We offer the cheapest Kenda tyres prices across all segments.

Kenda Tyres

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Key Advantages of Kenda Tyres

  • Computer optimised pitch sequence in KR217 reduces noise while driving.
  • Deep tread depth prolongs the tyre life.
  • Strategically placed tie bars in KR205 improves block stiffness for superior dry and wet grip.
  • Presence of four large circumferential grooves offers excellent hydroplaning and wet traction.
  • You get numerous Kenda tyre sizes perfectly fitting in Kenda tyres for Innova, Kenda tyres for Duster, Kenda tyres for XUV500, and Kenda tyres for Swift.
  • Cost of Kenda tyres fit every budget. Buying Kenda tyres online in India offers you the best price for these products

About Kenda Tyres

  • Kenda tyres started its operation in 1962 at Yuanlin in Changhua County of Taiwan. It is the 27th largest tire manufacturer in the globe and has production units in Taiwan, Mainland China, and Vietnam. The brand manufactures tyres for bicycles, motorbikes, passenger vehicles, commercial automobiles, and industrial equipment.
  • In 1985, the company established the Yun-Lin, Taiwan factory. Around the same time, Kenda Tyres got listed at Taiwan Stock Exchange. In 1990, the company developed the first plant at Shenzhen in China and from 1991 onwards, Kenda USA started its operation at Columbus in Ohio.
  • In 1994, Kenda tyres established its second plant in China at Kunshan. The year 1997 was another bright year for the brand, as it started its production unit at Ho Chi Min City of Vietnam. It was their first factory for this tyre company in Vietnam.
  • From 2001 onwards the tyre company started manufacturing passenger car radials. In 2003, Kenda signed a $200 million joint venture deal with Cooper Tire & Rubber Company in China. However, in 2011, the brand sold its 50 per cent share of this Company.
  • In 2012, Kenda started its business in Europe with the establishment of an office in Germany. A Research and Development oriented technical centre of Kenda was founded in 2014 at Akron in Ohio. After this, in 2016 the company launched its European Technical Centre in Germany.
  • Currently, Kenda Tyres are also available in India and used extensively as Kenda 4x4 tyres, Kenda sedan tyres, Kenda hatchback tyres, Kenda tyres for Gypsy, and Kenda tyres for trucks. Automobile manufacturers and owners are pleased with the performance of Kenda tyres in India. You can find Kenda tyre dealers in most of the cities of India.


Popular Kenda Tyres Price and Features

Kenda manufactures a wide range of tyres specially meant for vehicles in India including Kenda tyres for Fortuner, Kenda tyres for Scorpio, Kenda tyres for Thar, and Kenda tyres for Verna. Customers have posted positive Kenda tyres India review due to its excellent dry and wet grip, price handling, and extended tread life. Here are some of the popular Kenda Tyres renowned for their superb performance. Buy Kenda tyres from TyreCafe to avail the best price for these products.


1.   Kenda KR-23

  • Prices- Kenda KR-23 tyres India price list ranges between Rs 1850 to Rs 4400.
  • Structures and Features-
    • The top-end model of KR-23 tyres have a width of 215 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 75, and a rim size of 15 inches.
    • Kenda KR-23 tyres remain compatible with Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra Bolero, Mahindra Xylo, Mahindra TUV300, Tata Sumo Grande, and Tata Sierra.
    • Water challenging grooves offer superior wet grip.
    • Low rolling resistance of these tyres enhances fuel efficiency.
    • It is an all-terrain and all-season tyre, which can take you any roads from smooth surface to rough terrains. Unique tread design does not let the tyre skid even on wet roads.


2.   Kenda KR-20

  • Prices- Cost of Kenda KR-20 tyres starts from Rs 2650 and reaches till Rs 3400.
  • Structures and Features-
    • The top-end model of KR-20 radials have a width of 205 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 55, and a rim size of 16 inches.
    • KR-20 is one of the preferable sedan tyres fitting perfectly in Audi A3, Volkswagen Jetta, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Skoda Octavia, Toyota Corolla Altis, and Fiat Aventura. Automobile experts recommend buying Kenda KR-20 tyres for their superb performance.
    • V-shaped tread design offers outstanding cornering capabilities.
    • Presence of advanced tread compounds provides stability and grip to the vehicle.
    • Stiff sidewalls make the tyre a superior performer on all road conditions


3. Kenda KR-10

  • Prices- Kenda KR-10 tyres price list ranges between Rs 3400 to Rs 3600.
  • Structures and Features-
    • Kenda KR-10 is a high performing sedan tyre remaining compatible with Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Skoda New Yeti, Hyundai Sonata Transform, and Maruti Vitara Brezza.
    • Sleek tread pattern in these radials offer quiet riding experience.
    • Presence of Spiral joint-less nylon cap-ply makes KR-10 tyres durable.
    • Incorporation of Kenda NMA technology provides a comfortable ride and precise handling.


4. Kenda KR-205

  • Prices- Best price of Kenda KR-205 tyres starts from Rs XXXX and reaches to Rs XXXX.
  • Structures and Features-
    • Strategically placed tie bars in Kenda KR-205 makes it stiff and improves dry handling. This feature also makes these radials resistant to wear and tear.
    • Computer optimised pitch sequencing reduces the noise of roads.
    • High sipe density improves wet traction.
    • Presence of four large circumferential grooves offer remarkable hydroplaning and improves wet grip.


5. Kenda KR-217

  • Prices- Kenda KR-217 tyres price in India ranges between Rs XXXX to Rs XXXX.
  • Structures and Features-
    • Presence of deep tread makes these tyres resistant to wear and tear.
    • It offers excellent safety and dependability to the vehicle.
    • This all-season high-performance radial is suitable for a variety of harsh conditions of roads.
    • Unique tread arrangement decreases road noise sufficiently.
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KendaTyres Warranty

The original Kenda tyre owners are eligible for a radial replacement in the first twelve months for any types of unintentional damage under the Worry-Free Warranty of company. After this, the standard Kenda tyres warranty in India is five years from the date of manufacture or till reaching 2/32nd inch of tire tread depth (whichever is earlier). However, you must install the radials according to the company recommendations and purchase them from authorised  Kenda tyres dealers in India to avail this service.

Kenda Tyre Review

Finally, when the customers want to know how good Kenda tyres are,  we at TyreCafe believe it is one of the most promising tyre brands available in India. There are many positive Kenda tyres reviews on different portals due to their economical pricing, excellent dry and wet traction, comfortable riding experience, and resistance to wear and tear. Buy Kenda tyres online from TyreCafe to select the best radial from multiple options and avail the best price for these products.

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