Kumho Tyre is a South Korean tyre company, which was founded in 1960. Kumho tyres are considered as one of the top 20 tyre brands all across the world. Price of Kumho Tyres starts from Rs 2220 for Kumho SOLUS KH15 and reaches till Rs 11794 for Kumho ROAD VENTURE APT KL 51. Find some of the cheapest Kumho Tyres online in India at TyreCafe. You can also buy Kumho Tyres online at the best price from our portal TyreCafe and get an amazing discount over multiple ranges of products.

Kumho Tyres

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Key Advantages of Kumho Tyres

  • Kumho Tyres fit the pocket of all types of budget groups.
  • Kumho car tyres work well on a wet surface.
  • They have a good sipe density, which makes them a good winter tyre as well.
  • Good grip on various types of road conditions.
  • These tyres also reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

About Kumho Tyres

  • Formally known as Samyang Tyre in South Korea, Kumho Tyre is a subsidiary of Kumho Asian Group. With its headquarters in Gwangju, South Korea, Kumho Tyres manufactures a wide variety of tyres for a variety of vehicles like trucks, buses, passenger cars and SUVs.
  • The company was founded in 1960 and successfully managed to spread its business in Europe as well as America. In the year 1975, Kumho Tyres had stepped in the production of tyres for aircraft.
  • In 1976, Kumho Tyres touched the milestone of 1 million units annual production in Korea.
  • Kumho Tyres have been awarded several times and have also received several ISO Certifications.
  • Currently, Kumho Tyres have three research and development centres located in Korea, England and the USA. It has three manufacturing facilities based in Korea, China and Binh Duong province, Vietnam.
  • Kumho Tyres have over 5000 employees. The brand manufactures Original Equipment (OE) tyres for various automobile companies like Hyundai, Ford, Renault Samsung, MINI and few more.

Popular Kumho Tyres Price and Features

Kumho Tyre manufactures a wide range of tyres fitting perfectly in numerous automobiles in the passenger car and SUV category. So here are some of the popular Kumho Tyres along with their features, advantages and price. These tyres are available at TyreCafe at the best price. You can opt for the effortless purchase of Kumho Tyres online in India from TyreCafe.

  1. Kumho SOLUS KL21
  • Price – The price of Kumho SOLUS KL21 goes as high as Rs 11449.
  • Structure and Features –
  • These tyres have been designed using optimized variable pitch technique that helps in reducing the noise while moving.
  • The presence of shoulder grooves reduces heating while moving in high speed. This helps in maintaining pressure and thus increasing tyre life.
  • This car tyre has been designed with four-channel main grooves to eject stones and to prevent hydroplaning.
  • They give a smooth and safe ride.
  • Price – Kumho ROAD VENTURE APT KL 51 tyre price in India starts from Rs 6875 and goes to as high as Rs 11794.
  • Structure and Features –
  • These car tyres have a symmetric tread design with a continuous centre rib. This helps in maintaining a constant road contact with increased stability.
  • With excellent traction, these tyres give a good grip on all types of road conditions.
  • The car tyre is equipped with independent tread blocks and interconnected shoulder blocks that help in avoiding early wear and tear and gives uniform wear.
  • The presence of twin steel belts reduces distortion at high speed and while cornering.
  • These are highly durable tyres with great strength.
  1. Kumho ECSTA SPT KU 31
  • Price – The Kumho ECSTA SPT KU 31 tyres price list ranges between Rs 3761 to Rs 7243.
  • Structure and features –
  • This Kumho car tyre has excellent braking ability and driving stability.
  • Made up of a dispersible silica compound, they have a great grip on dry as well as wet roads.
  • For additional inside protection, there is a presence of high tensile steel belts on the tyres.
  • These tyres are durable and long lasting.
  1. Kumho SOLUS KH15
  • Price – Kumho SOLUS KH15 is available between Rs 2220 to Rs 4461.
  • Structure and Features –
  • With a non-directional tread pattern, these Kumho car tyres give great handling on a wet and dry surface.
  • These tyres have extended shoulders that make larger road contact without losing steadiness.
  • With great sipe density, these tyres give excellent grip on both wet and dry roads.
  • They reduce road noise while moving.
  • The presence of wider grooves reduces hydroplaning and pumps out water effectively.
  1. Kumho K727
  • Price – The price of Kumho K727 comes at a price of Rs 2780.
  • Structure and features –
  • These tyres give great handling at high speed and maintain control over the road.
  • The presence of sipes gives excellent grip on the road, as well as reduces noise while moving.
  • The tread pattern of these tyres give great wet and dry grip and has good cornering ability.
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KumhoTyres Warranty

The warranty for Kumho Tyres is applicable only for the original buyer named on this warranty card. This warranty applies only to those tyres that have been purchased in India with authorised Kumho Tyre dealers. Tyres purchased and used outside India are not covered under this warranty. This warranty is not valid on the damages that can be repaired, such as a minor puncture. The tyres under warranty are replaced with Kumho tyres of the same size and pattern, if available. If not available, a similar quality tyre will be used. Tyres will not be covered by this warranty if the damage has been caused by an act of vandalism, theft, willful damage and neglect.

Kumho Tyre Review

Are Kumho Tyres good? Yes! It is a trusted brand in India, which is suitable for Indian roads. These tyres come with excellent grip on the wet and dry surface. For people who think that high price is equal to good quality, Kumho Tyres have proved them wrong and developed tyres according to the pocket of every type of buyer. The brand has a strong network of dealers for Kumho car tyres, available in major cities of the country. You can also buy Kumho tyres in India online from the portal TyreCafe and choose the best set of car tyres according to your preference. You can also buy cheap and discounted Kumho tyres from TyreCafe.

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