Maxxis Tyres is one of the top 12 car tyre brands all across the world. The headquarters of Maxxis Tyres is located in Yuanlin, Taiwan. Both Maxxis car tyres and Maxxis bike tyres are available in India in a wide variety of sizes and prices. Price of Maxxis Tyres starts from Rs 2458 for Maxxis MA-P1 and reaches till Rs 7291 for Maxxis AT-771. You can buy Maxxis Tyres online at the best price from our portal TyreCafé and avail great discount on various products. You can also find some of the cheapest Maxxis tyres available at TyreCafe.

Maxxis Tyres

India Customer Care 1800-532-2888

Key Advantages of Maxxis Tyres

  • Maxxis tyres have a strong grip that is good for Indian roads.
  • These tyres give an all-rounded performance and protect against hydroplaning.
  • These tyres fit the budget of all types of people.
  • They provide optimum balance and safety on the road.
  • They work very well on a wet surface.
  • The advanced compound design is used to make high-quality tyres.
  • With a wide range of products, people can choose from many different options.
  • They have a long tread life for delivering excellent performance.

About Maxxis Tyres

  • Maxxis Tyres was founded in the year 1967 and is today counted among the top tyre brands all across the world. With a customer base in around 170 countries, the company today has the manpower of more than 25,000 people.
  • During the early days, the Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co Limited used to work as Maxxis international, which was involved only in the production of bicycle tyres.
  • Over a period of time, the company stepped into the production of tyres for other vehicles and started its operations in other countries as well.
  • Currently, the company manufactures tyres for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, light trucks and trailers.
  • Maxxis has several plants in different counties like the United States, Japan, Dubai, Germany, Canada and a few more.
  • The company has always been popular for its good quality tyres at low prices. These attractive prices have also helped the company to increase its customer base in India.
  • Maxxis Tyres currently has five research facilities present in different countries like the United States, the Netherlands and a few more. These tyres go through many tests so as to suit the preference for both original equipment as well as a replacement tyre.
  • In order to increase the tyre performance, Maxxis Tyres acquires its own private test track in China. This helps the brand to maintain quality standards and at the same time helps it to produce budget-friendly tyres.

Popular Maxxis Tyres Price and Features

Maxxis tyres are gaining a lot of popularity among Indian masses. Let’s look at the features of some of the most popular Maxxis tyres in India with their price range.

1. Maxxis MA-P1

  • Price – Maxxis MA-P1 tyres price in India starts from Rs 2458 and goes to as high as Rs 4083.
  • Structure and features –
  • Maxxis MA-P1 tyres have an aggressive tread design that helps in giving excellent grip on the road.
  • There are circumferential grooves present on the tyre that helps in draining the water out of the tyre.
  • This car tyre has an increased life due to the presence of spiral jointless nylon caps. This also keeps the tyre strong from the inside.
  • The tyre has an excellent handling and steering response.
  • This tyre also reduces noise while moving.

2. Maxxis AT-771

  • Price – The price of Maxxis AT-771 goes up to Rs 7291.
  • Structure and features –
  • This tyre’s tread has a lug design that provides good traction in all sorts of terrains.
  • The formation of stiff carcass makes the tyre more stable on the road.
  • It gives great handling in all types of terrains.
  • This car tyre does not wear out early.
  • Along with a strong grip, it remains steady on the road.

3. Maxxis HT-760

  • Price – The price of Maxxis HT-760 goes as high as Rs 7131.
  • Structure and features –
  • These are highly durable tyres that are long-lasting.
  • Circumferential grooves help in pumping out water from under the tyre.
  • They have a good grip on wet surfaces and excellent traction.
  • The stylish tread pattern serves the purpose of maintaining the grip.
  • The presence of steel belts gives the tyre uniformity.

4. Maxxis UA-603

  • Structure and features –
  • This all-season tyre is designed to deliver a smooth ride even in the roughest of terrains.
  • The steel-belt construction makes the tyre tough from the inside, which makes the tyre more durable.
  • This car tyre is fuel efficient and gives a better ride quality.
  • For additional protection and stability, nylon caps are present on the tyre.
  • The tread of this tyre has an innovative design that gives great high-speed handling. The grip of the tyre stays strong with such a tread pattern.
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MaxxisTyres Warranty

The warranty on Maxxis Tyres is valid for five years from the date of manufacture. The Tyre will be replaced at a cost that is proportional to the amount of tread-wear. Only those Maxxis Tyres that have been sold in India are covered in the warranty. The warranty covers both manufacturing and non-manufacturing defects under it. Any defect that makes the tyres unserviceable is covered, except if it is a repairable damage, fire, tyre alteration and vehicular accident. Also, it will not be applicable to re-grooved tyres. Tyres must only be purchased from an authorized Maxxis Tyre dealer, network or channel. The fitting charges, transportation, balancing, etc., are not covered under the warranty and are charged separately, if applicable.

Maxxis Tyre Review

Now if a question comes in your mind, “How good Maxxis Tyres are?” just remember that it Maxxis is one of the top tyre brands in the world. In other words, Maxxis car tyres are good quality tyres. They are trusted by the world's most popular car producing brands as well. When it comes to performance, they offer phenomenal execution, especially on wet roads. The best part about them is they are far cheaper than many other international tyre brands. So next time you go out to buy tyres for your car, Maxxis is certainly a good brand to consider. You can buy Maxxis Car Tyres from TyreCafe to avail the best products and services.

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