Apollo Tyres focuses on digital and technological advancements

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Being one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world, Apollo Tyres is taking a step ahead towards digitalisation. Lisa Zinn, Head of Global IT & Business Services of Apollo Tyres says that with the evolving world, it is important for the company to adapt to the latest trends. Commenting on this she said, “We’re living in a world of inter-connectivity which changes the way we live, work, produce and consume.”

The fourth industrial revolution has motivated various manufacturing companies to adopt new technologies. With the same motivation, Apollo Tyres is becoming a more data-driven company, incorporating a new process that helps the brand to depict future. Commenting on the benefits of new technology Zinn said, “We’ve been able to predict and plan more, as well as utilise our ability to scale and forecast an improvement.”

So as to guarantee Apollo Tyres executes innovation dynamically, Zinn trusts that it's critical to comprehend which new development will give the most incentive to the company.  “We have a system of prototyping and tooling selection which assures we make conscious and informed choices prior to applying technology,” said Zinn.

As a company, Apollo Tyres aims to become a leading brand in its segment, and for that, it wants to adopt a strategic approach to get ahead of its rivals. This includes getting into a partnership to achieve mutual success. “We have a number of key partners, from the Big Five to smaller niche partners who we collaborate with on initiatives. We have more recently moved towards a model where we actively engage our partners, not just on individual projects but on longer-term roadmaps to digitise as well as sustain,” Zinn says. “We are working with our partners as part of the journey and thinking process. We have also moved towards a more active engagement between software and hardware OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) alongside implementation partners ensuring that our initiatives not only take into account project delivery but also longer-term product roadmaps of OEMs, she added.”

Apollo Tyres aims to diversify and accelerate their businesses in order to remain leaders in the field. Zinn says that the company will not be dependent on the previous success and will remain eager to grow in the future as well. “It’s vital we never stand still and ensure our core is stable whilst always exploring and taking on new challenges, including geographies where we believe we can make our mark,” she said.




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Apollo Tyres focuses on digital and technological advancements

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