Audi Brings New Cars to Overcome Decline From Past 4 Years – TyreCafe

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German luxury automobile manufacturer, Audi is strategically gearing up for increasing its sales capacity by 2022. A drastic fall of 27% was seen this year in comparison to last year making it fourth consecutive year for Audi.

The company is planning on complete eradication of diesel cars after 2020. Some cars like A3, Q3 and Q5 have already witnessed the end of local production. Taking of the upcoming cars, the A6 is launching in the second half of September followed by A8 and Q8 in December and E-Tron next year. For the entry segment, Q3 BS-VI may come as CBU along with Q5 BS-VI option with local production. There is no update on BS-VI version of A3 yet. Company may also include Q2 for CBU modifications as well.

There is a possibility of further falling if the company’s sales below 4000 units in 2020 with its limitation on the production of entry-level models for a few years and also eradication of diesel in the instant future. According to the Audi India head, Mr Rahul Ansari, the growth phase of Audi would likely to begin from 2022 and the focus is on increasing volumes of petrol and hybrid cars.

The dealership closures have also affected Audi and the major focus of the company is to bring in back Dhillon, assisting the brand in the market, as they understand the dealer environment well. Ansari also claims that the main focus of the company is BS-VI petrol instead of diesel engine and claims it to be the USP of the whole plan. “There is no growth expected but it will consolidate. But we're clear about this. The company's okay with this,” said Ansari. “The company has basically decided that this is the way forward for India. We will first test the waters and see. We will start with the A6 as petrol. And Q8 will come as petrol, and the A8 will come as petrol.”


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