Continental and AAI collaboration to develop ADAS and AD

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AAI is a Germany-based start-up company that will develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) functions in collaboration with Continental. This Continental and AAI collaboration was announced by the company on Wednesday.


Continental, the technology-based company has recently announced its collaboration with Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AAI). AAI is a Germany-based start-up company that will develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) functions in collaboration with Continental. This Continental and AAI collaboration was announced by the company on Wednesday.

ADAS are systems that help the driver while driving. They help in increasing car safety with the help of a human-machine interface. This collaboration will work towards the development of virtual simulation tools. According to the company, these simulation tools will be able to create HD-maps and AI-driven road-users that will be made available to the entire automotive industry.

Advanced driver assistance systems include electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and traction control. Karl Haupt, head of the business unit Advanced Driver Assistance Systems at Continental said, “Our ultimate goal is always absolute safety. This is especially true for automated driving.”

He also said that the resources in-vehicle test is limited and virtual testing can provide fast feedback for developers. While a real vehicle can drive around 10,000 test kilometers in a physical test in one month, today up to 8,000 kilometers per hour are possible with virtual simulation. This number will increase in the future.

Advanced driver assistance systems are one of the fastest growing segments in the automotive sector. The next-generation ADAS will leverage wireless network connectivity to offer improved value. This ADAS will work according to car-to-car (also known as Vehicle to Vehicle, or V2V) and car-to-infrastructure (also known as Vehicle to Infrastructure, or V2X) data.

The collaboration between Continental and Automotive Artificial Intelligence will not only develop advanced driver assistance systems but will also work towards making the development cycle of products shorter and safer. This cooperation will also help AAI in increasing its automotive sector and sensor technology expertise.

AD or Automated Driving starts from partial automation, and then goes up to high automation and finally to full automation. These include Auto Pilot, City Pilot, and Highway Pilot. Combining ADAS and AD together, there are multiple features for driving as well as parking. For driving assistance there is automatic cruise control, advanced emergency braking, lane assist, cross traffic alert, traffic jam assist, advanced emergency braking/ steering, highway pilot, city pilot, and autopilot. For parking assistance, there is surround view detection, auto parking, remote parking and valet parking.

Vehicles with the automated driving or AD technology will naturally have an advanced ADAS capability. If a vehicle has sensors and control devices that can perform automated driving, it means that a high level of ADAS functions is also working. Technology for automated driving actually helps the popularization of ADAS. If automated driving becomes popular, the same will happen with ADAS as well. It will reduce severe accidents and collisions without fail.


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