ETRMA to Change EU Tyre Labelling Regulation by Early 2020

by Editor News

“This is a positive step taken by the European Parliament towards an ambitious, forward-looking Tyre Labelling Regulation.”


The European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA) will now start its final phase of reviewing the 2009 EU Tyre Labelling Regulation. This step has been taken as an outcome of the European Parliament’s vote to change the current regulations. According to ETRMA, the existing regulations can be improved and adopted by early 2020. The association is also quite happy looking at the interest of the Government to improve the Tyre Labelling Regulation. This step will not only help to increase consumer awareness but also strength market surveillance.

ETRMA Secretary-General, Fazilet Cinaralp commented on this by saying, “This is a positive step taken by the European Parliament towards an ambitious, forward-looking Tyre Labelling Regulation. The European tyre industry already today offers high-performance tyres made available to consumers and vehicle manufacturers, and the tyre label is there to inform consumers.”

The European tyre industry and the ETRMA have asked the European Institutions to change the current regulations keeping in mind the central objectives of the Tyre Labelling Regulation. These objectives are:

  • Labels to increase awareness about the rolling resistance, grip on a wet surface and noise performances

  • To include a logo of Snow or Ice on the label of applicable tyres

  • To focus on the visibility of the tyre label while physical as well as online purchases

  • Labels must help to improve enforcement and market surveillance

  • They should help in establishing a publicly available product database must include a QR code on them

ETRMA reiterated two important points it would like to be taken into consideration:

“Rescaling of the tyre label performance classes is premature. Rescaling of single performances would result in a flattening of the current label information downwards and be counter-productive. Increased market penetration of higher-class tyres must be sought and incentivised through other means, for example, public procurement initiatives and development of customer awareness.”

Cinaralp also added, “To explore the full potential of the existing tyre technology strong incentives must be promoted to assist the necessary market uptake. The tyre label is an important instrument to inform consumers on the performance of the individual tyre, but currently lacks visibility and consumer awareness.”

According to ETRMA, the European tire industry is moving in the direction of evaluating the practicality of a dependable test strategy for estimating tyre tread abrasion rate. ETRMA commented on it by saying, “the inclusion of tyre abrasion based on a standard test method would require a full revision of the Regulation and cannot be carried out via delegated act, as proposed by the Commission. The process is still in its infancy and needs to be completed before any measure can be introduced in this – or other – Regulations.”






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