Hyundai to Launch N Line Performance Car Brand in India – TyreCafe

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Hyundai Motor is all set to introduce the N brand in India. N is the performance group of the brand that works with Hyundai motorsport as well. Hyundai N Line group cars are high-performance versions of the brand’s base models. Due to limited demand for high-performance cars in the country, the N badged cars might not be sold through a regular retail channel.

Hyundai has already introduced some customer clinics for N-line cars. The feedback of these cars is positive on their initial days. The brand aims to target the younger generation for this line of cars. The N cars would feature some minor tweaks aggressive bumpers, side skirts, etc. An N car would also run on N engine that has been developed for use only by the N range. N-Line cars feature the same engines as the regular model but with some extra power or torque on offer. It will also be the most powerful engine that model like has to offer.

The first N production model was the Hyundai i30 N, which also includes the i30 Fastback N and the Veloster N. The Veloster N has shown impressive performance on the road. This range includes the i30 N Line, i30 Fastback N Line, and Tucson N Line. There might be a chance of adding N-Line variants for cars like the Kona, and Creta, as these models hold a greater interest in the Indian market.

Maruti Suzuki has also taken a step to bring a performance range to India with its RS range. The Baleno RS features the company's 1.0 booster jet engine. The car lacks many visual or styling cues to separate it from the normal variants. Volkswagen has also launched the Polo GT range and the high-performance GTI. Hyundai N-line cars are offered with specific paint schemes and with more styling elements, which might prove to be advantageous for them when they launch.














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