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By Editor News ( Jun 25, 2019 )

iSAFE Assist provides emergency as well as the cheapest services for roadside assistance.


IIT Delhi has launched a 24×7 roadside assistance app called iSAFE Assist. This is India’s first emergency service providing project launched in May by officials from the Union ministry of road transport and highways and other associations. This app has been developed by students and alumni of IIT Delhi.

The idea came up after the accident of a fellow student. This awareness campaign later took the shape of an app that has now become a pan-India Helpline (1800 419 7779). According to an IIT-Delhi team member, iSAFE Assist provides emergency as well as the cheapest services for roadside assistance, especially for women.

Indian Road Safety Campaign led by students and alumni of IIT-Delhi is a non-profit organisation that has collaborated with the Union transport ministry for managing the app. Awareness campaigns are being organised in more than 1,500 colleges across the country in order to curb road traffic injuries.

Deepanshu Gupta, member of the initiative said, “We realised that people suffer the most due to non-availability of emergency services. Many even lose their lives because of delayed medical attention. We then felt the need to build a platform to provide this assistance.” He also said that iSAFE Assist is the effort to give assistance to the users, in any time and the location.

With over 6,200 authorised service providers in 28 states and 1,795 cities, iSAFE offer services including emergency towing, flat tyre assistance and fuel delivery. The app also comes with an emergency cab service. iSAFE has ambulance facilities as well that take the people to the nearest hospital for free.

Gupta also said that this project is dedicated to women’s security. He said, “We realise that they face several challenges daily while travelling alone, especially at night. We can assist women driving at night.”

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