Why JK Tyre is the Best Motorcycle Tyre Brand for Indian Roads?

By Editor News ( Nov 22, 2019 )

JK Tyre is one of the leading tyre companies in the country. The brand has also made its presence in 100 countries across 6 continents, with 12 plants all over the world.  JK Tyre first introduced the radial technology by producing the first radial tyre in 1977 and is currently the leader in Truck Bus Radial tyre segment. The brand has gained success for its wide range of tyres for the commercial vehicle segment. Popular products from the brand include JK car tyres, JK truck tyres and JK tractor tyres.

JK Motorcycle Tyres


After gaining immense popularity in national as well as international markets, the brand has entered the two-wheeler market with its Challenger range and the latest Blaze range of tyres.

With the Blaze range of bike tyres, the company aims to achieve the same level of success that it has seen in the commercial vehicle segment. The company claims that the Blaze tyres have been tested in different conditions and have also been tested by professional racers to check its speed and performance. Blaze comes as JK tube tyres as well as JK tubeless tyres.

JK Tyre claims that the Blaze bike tyres offer better grip and cornering ability. The asymmetrical tread pattern helps in maintaining excellent control during riding on rough sections of the roads.

JK Tyre expects that with the addition of the Blaze range, the company will increase its presence across the country, especially in states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab, where the demand of endurance tyres for motorcycles and scooters are high.

JK Blaze Tyre Features

There is a wide range of JK Blaze two-wheeler tyres. The list of JK Blaze tyres are given below along with their features:

  1. BLAZE BR32 (Motorcycle Tyre)

  • Excellent grip on the road

  • Better mileage

  • This tyre comes with excellent wet braking

  • It provides excellent traction in all conditions

  1. BLAZE BR41 (Motorcycle Tyre)

  • This tyre gives high-speed stability

  • It provides smooth cornering

  • Gives great handling

  • It also gives riding comfort

  1. BLAZE BF32 (Motorcycle Tyre)

  • This tyre comes with high fuel efficiency

  • It provides high stability on the road

  • It gives smooth cornering

  • Comes with excellent handling

  1. BLAZE BA23 (Scooter Tyre)

  • Gives excellent traction on different road conditions

  • Also comes with excellent tyre mileage

  1. BLAZE BA22 (Scooter Tyre)

  • Provides excellent grip on rural roads

  • It improves mileage

  1. BLAZE BA21 (Scooter Tyre)

  • Has great cornering ability

  • Comes with excellent grip

  1. BLAZE BR11 (Motorcycle Tyre)

  • This tyre gives excellent braking on wet roads

  • It provides excellent traction

  • It also improves mileage

  • Comes with great grip on rural roads

  1. BLAZE BR21 (Motorcycle Tyre)

  • Comes with excellent tyre mileage

  • Gives a great grip on roads of rural areas

  • It also improves mileage

  1. BLAZE BR31 (Motorcycle Tyre)

  • This tyre provides steady handling

  • It also provides smooth cornering

  • Comes with great riding comfort

  • Has excellent wet braking

  • Gives excellent traction on the road

  1. Blaze BF11 (Motorcycle Tyre)

  • Comes with high fuel efficiency

  • Gives great stability on the road

  • Provides excellent grip while cornering

Compatible Two-wheelers for JK Blaze

There are many motorcycles and scooters for which the Blaze tyres are compatible like Bajaj Discover, Bajaj Pulsar, TVS Jive, Suzuki Hayate, Hero Splendor, Hero Passion, Honda Shine, Mahindra Pantero, Hero Glamour, Mahindra Centuro, Suzuki Zeus 125, Hero Ignitor, Royal Enfield Bullet 350, TVS Jupiter, and many more.


Speaking of two-wheeler tyres, another range of motorcycle and scooter tyres by JK is the JK Challenger. JK Challenger is a full range of motorcycle and scooter tyres. Let’s look at the features of all of them.


  • This tyre is made with a high-performance compound

  • This tyre has a long life

  • It comes with easy handling

  • It gives good traction on the road

  • It has lesser slippage with a steady ride

  • Has excellent dry grip and wet traction


  • This tyre has good handling and stability

  • It has grooves that avoid aquaplaning

  • The tyre has lesser tread wear

  • It has longer tyre life


  • The tyre has excellent braking ability

  • It comes with safety in adverse conditions

  • It has better resistance to gravel


  • It gives a great performance of all types of terrains

  • The tyre gives good cornering at high speed

  • It is puncture immune

  • It is good at absorbing shocks


  • The tyre gives a great performance on dirt roads

  • It comes with excellent wet and dry traction


  • It provides safe high-speed cornering

  • This tyre is puncture resistant

  • It has better shock absorption

  • It comes with good dry and wet traction


  • The tyre gives excellent stability and control

  • There are lesser wear and tear of the tread

  • It has a great grip on the road


  • The tyre gives higher mileage

  • It also gives better riding comfort

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