Karnataka to have 600 acres of land in Banglore for EV cluster – TyreCafe

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Director of Industries and Commerce, Government of Karnataka, Gunjan Krishna discussed the state as the front runner for electric vehicles. The state aims to create EV cluster with the help of the stakeholders. “We are looking at creating an EV cluster to promote entrepreneurs in this space. When people are in a cluster, they can take advantage of economies of scale, logistics and support in one place and we invite you to be part of this group,” said Krishna.

Once the government is ready it will provide 600 acres of land around Bengaluru to build an EV cluster apart from incentivizing them.

According to Krishna, the government is working on three initiatives which include creating EV cluster, re-skilling, testing centre. The government will also create an incubation centre and centre of excellence.

Karnataka government will also be coming up with policies to support startups. “SMEs and startups do not have that much of capital, so we are working on that and we will announce it soon,” Krishna said.

Another area the government is working is to create skill mapping. “We are in a period if you move from your ICE to EV or to any other alternative technology, the skill set required for is different. There has to be a shift and it has to be managed. As a government, it's our duty to ensure that it goes smoothly.”

Krishna further stressed, “At one level we are ensuring the EV industry is getting the right skill and we are working for training as well and also looking at re-skilling existing workforce.”

She also acknowledged charging infrastructure as the need of the hour. “We are also working on charging infra. Bescom is coming out with 600 charging stations for the state and 100 of them will be installed in Bangalore,” she said adding that Grid expansion is something the government needs to look at and make sure it is robust enough to provide for EV.



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Karnataka to have 600 acres of land in Banglore for EV cluster – TyreCafe

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