Maxam OTR Tyre to be Used in Caterpillar Wheel Loaders

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The Maxam OTR Tyre MS302 highlights a tough E3/L3+ rock solid intended to convey the greatest footing and high warmth obstruction on loaders, graders and earthmovers.


Maxam OTR Tyre has been approved by Caterpillar Inc. to be used on the particular type of Cat medium wheel loaders. This specific tyre by the brand is Maxam MS302 L3, which will be used on the loader in the size of 23.5R25. Currently, this tyre is available as an option of factory fitment on Cat 950GC, 950M, 950L, 962M and 962L in certain places.

Maxam MS302 tyres of additional sizes have also been approved for factory fitment options in the future. They will be used in more Cat medium wheel loaders in future.

Matthew Fagan, director of R&D at Maxam Tyre North America said, “Expertly engineered to thrive under extreme conditions, the Maxam MS302 is built tough to exceed expectations, delivering excellent traction and customer value. In addition to the outstanding performance of the tyres, Maxam also has the support of the Maxam Tyre Global Dealer Servicing Network, over 1,300 strong and growing.”

The Maxam OTR Tyre MS302 highlights a tough E3/L3+ rock solid intended to convey the greatest footing and high warmth obstruction on loaders, graders and earthmovers. The tyre intends to limit vibration at haul speeds and diminish cost per hour, while the strong and cut resistant rubber compound battles risk of downtime because of damages on the tyre.

Caterpillar is one of the world's leading producers of construction and mining equipment, with innovative machines that have proven to be dependable and adaptable in the hardest conditions for more than 90 years.

Maxam OTR Tyre is made with cutting edge construction and rugged design. The heavy-duty E3/L3+ tyres have a lug pattern that gives excellent traction on road. It also makes the tyre highly resistant to wear and cutting. These tyres have been particularly designed to minimize vibration at haul speeds. While moving they provide the lowest cost-per-hour.

Let’s look at some of the features of this Maxam OTR Tyre:

  • The tyre provides excellent traction in off-road conditions

  • These tyres are puncture resistance

  • The tyre’s tread compound is resistant to wear and tear. It is also cut resistant

  • For maximum stability, the tyre has a wide and flat footprint profile

  • Increased tread depth increases the tread life

  • The presence of offset, reinforced lugs help to minimize vibration at haul speeds





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