Reasons why Apollo Tyres are the best for your cars

By admin ( Apr 26, 2022 )

Which is the single most significant factor that makes your car rides smooth? Some people might go for the engine, whereas others say it is the suspension. Others might even vouch for proper handling of the vehicle, while some would plump for the state of the roads. However, no one can ignore or deny that having a set of perfectly aligned wheels with high-quality tyres can make a significant difference. When discussing car tyres, the first name that generally flashes across the mind is Apollo Tyres? 

Now, let us discuss why Apollo tyres should be perfect for your cars. So, what are the qualities you should look for in the best tyres?

  • Your safety is paramount. So, good tyres are those that enhance your safety while driving. The best tyres have to be stable to offer the highest safety levels.

  • Tread patterns are crucial to determining the best tyre’s quality. A well-designed pattern gives your car excellent traction on the roads and enhances your drive quality.

  • Good tyres should be able to handle wet and dry conditions.

  • A good tyre should have high braking efficiency. It should not screech on the roads when you apply emergency brakes. At the same time, it should not lose its grip on the road and make the vehicle veer away or even topple over to the sides.

  • Good tyres should have appropriate channels for water evacuation. They help to evade water and thus prevent skidding. In addition, it results in an excellent wet grip on the roads.

  • Many Indian roads and highways are good. But your car also has to contend with pothole-filled roads. So, a radial tyre is the best for Indian roads. They provide comfort while displaying ruggedness simultaneously.

  • With fuel prices rising consistently, the good tyres are those that save fuel. Tyres with low rolling friction are highly fuel-efficient.

  • Another quality that distinguishes a good tyre from an average product is its longevity. Tyres that have the ideal combination of soft and hard ingredients last long because such tyres exhibit a gradual wearing rate.

  • Good tyres make the slightest noise while driving. However, the noise depends on the tread patterns on the tyre. All radial tyres make low noise because they are aerodynamically built.

  • Finally, tyres that display efficient control and offer high-speed stability qualify as good tyres.

We have discussed various factors to decide on a good-quality car tyre. Apollo tyres have all these qualities described above, and so they qualify as the best tyres for your cars.

Apollo Bike Tyres

Apollo Tyres has some innovative products for bikes. They come with excellent features like puncture resistance, cornering precision, improved braking performance, high-speed stability, and superior grip on wet/dry roads.

What distinguishes Apollo Tyres from its competitors?

Apollo Tyres use a wear-resistant compound for the manufacturing of its products. It enhances tyre life and thus, proves highly durable when going on long drives on the national highways. Besides, Apollo tyres have proven their ability to run on rough roads. Therefore, they have all the qualities required for ranking as the best tyres for our vehicles.

A note on Apollo Tyres – The Company  

Apollo Tyres ranks as one of the top tyre manufacturing companies in India. Besides car tyres, Apollo Tyres manufactures tyres for cars, two-wheelers, SUVs, vans, trucks, and even tractors, harvesters, and trailers. Each of these vehicles encounters different driving conditions. So, we can say that Apollo Tyres have products to cater to your every requirement.  

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