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This denim blue, bug shaped Volkswagen Beetle will not be for the sale and will be the part of the Volkswagen local museum in Puebla itself.


The final edition of Volkswagen classic 'Beetle' was launched on Wednesday at the company facility in Puebla, Mexico. This denim blue, bug shaped Volkswagen Beetle will not be for the sale and will be the part of the Volkswagen local museum in Puebla itself. The focus has been shifted to the production of compact SUV as per the demand of the North American markets.

The vehicle has a beautiful history from the time of the Nazi era and was made under the support of Adolf Hitler by Ferdinand Porsche who in 1937 formed the state-run Volkswagenwerk. It was first advertised by Doyle Dane in 1959 and reached its higher popularity by the Disney movie 'the love bug'. The car was introduced in America as Type 1 and sold as many as 5 million cars alone in the U.S. The optimized new generation of 'modern retro' design of beetle was launched in 1998 and 2010. The present generation of beetle went in production line in 2012 and as many as 5 million has been made since then.

The second and third generation models were made in a coupe and convertible variants with as many as 23 colour options, 32 customizable interior trims, 13 different configurations and 19 special editions like Dune, Denim, Pink, etc. All these products have been carried out by Volkswagen de Mexico and sold in the huge market around the world.  The final 65 models of the "Beetle Final Edition" will be sold in Mexico on the internet at a base price of $21,000, and can be reserved at $1,000. It will include a number series from 1 to 65 on its left side as a Memento with colour options if black beige and white apart from blue variant. The employs working in final touch-up bore the words 'Thanks Beetle' on their yellow coats.


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