Pirelli is one of the top tyre manufacturers in the world. In the list of top tyre producers, Pirelli ranked at the 5th number globally. The brand has its headquarters located in Milan, Italy. Price of Pirelli Car Tyres starts from Rs 4100 for Pirelli CINTURATO P4 and reaches till Rs 47375 for Pirelli XL P ZERO. Price of Pirelli Bike Tyres starts from Rs 2500 for Pirelli SPORT DEMON and reaches till Rs 22372 for Pirelli SC2 DIABLO SUPER CORSA. Check out our portal of TyreCafe to find some of the cheapest Pirelli Tyres in India. You can also buy Pirelli Tyres online in India from TyreCafe to avail great discount over multiple ranges of products.

Pirelli Tyres

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Key Advantages of Pirelli Tyres

  • Pirelli tyres have a longer tread life.
  • They give a comfortable ride with their optimized tread pattern.
  • Pirelli bike tyres come with sporty tread design.
  • The tyres have an enhanced grip.
  • Pirelli car and bike tyres are available at a wide price range, suiting everyone’s budget.

About Pirelli Tyres

  • Founded in the year 1872, Pirelli was discovered by Giovanni Battista Pirelli. The headquarters of Pirelli is situated in Milan, Italy.
  • With its first foreign plant in Spain, Pirelli launched the pneumatic tyre named ERCOLE.
  • In 1922, the brand was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. The Pirelli Tower was also constructed during the 1950s, which also introduced its first factory. In 1974, Pirelli made the ‘wide radial tyre.’
  • During the early 2000s, the company’s cable division was sold to Goldman Sachs and the establishment of Pirelli Foundation took place.
  • Pirelli tyres also succeeded in becoming the only supplier in Formula One. In 2012, the company also got into an agreement with PT Astra Autoparts for establishing its motorcycle tyre plant.
  • The firm carries out its business in more than 160 countries. With more than 20 manufacturing sites in the world, the company has a large network of Pirelli tyre dealers. The Indian subsidiary of Pirelli has its headquarters located in New Delhi.

Popular Pirelli Tyres Price and Features

Pirelli manufactures a wide range of car tyres and bike tyres. Pirelli tyres are available at TyreCafe. You can opt for the hassle-free purchase of Pirelli Tyres online in India from TyreCafe. Here are some of the popular Pirelli Tyres along with their features.

1. Pirelli P ZERO

  • Price – Pirelli P ZERO tyres price in India starts from Rs 14044 and goes to as high as Rs 45281.
  • Structure and Features –
    • The car tyre is equipped with an S-Shape tread pattern that gives safety while braking at high speeds.
    • The grooves on this tyre are longitudinal that enhances the grip on a wet surface.
    • There are 3 central ribs present in this tyre that gives great handling and steering control.
    • Constructed with special compound, these tyres have a longer life as compared to UHP tyres of other brands.
    • The tyre has strong shoulder construction that gives it superior cornering abilities.


  • Price – Pirelli SCORPION ZERO is available between Rs 14976 to Rs 38599.
  • Structure and Features –
    • This is a high-performance car tyre that has been designed for SUVs.
    • This tyre comes with a wide centre rib for optimum handling and stability.
    • Excellent wet and dry traction are achieved with asymmetric tread design with a Z profile.
    • Optimum for highway use, the tyre maintains stability on high speed.
    • The rubber compound is innovative and helps in extending tyre life.

3. Pirelli CINTURATO P7

  • Price – The Pirelli CINTURATO P7 tyres price list ranges between Rs 11386 to Rs 28071.
  • Structure and Features –
    • With its specific pitch sequence, this car tyre does not make noise and remains quiet while moving.
    • The unique tread pattern of this car tyre, keep its grip firm on the ground.
    • Excellent wet performance is given with the help of 4 wide longitudinal grooves present on the tyre.
    • This tyre has an extended tyre life. It has been designed to give optimum control and superior handling.


  • Price – Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO II tyres price in India starts from Rs 10222 and goes to as high as Rs 19467.
  • Structure and Features –
    • This bike tyre is equipped with a Bi- compound structure that gives safety to the riders.
    • These tyres are made with the enhanced patch technology (EPT) that gives an improved grip on the road.
    • Equipped with the functional groove design, the tread pattern of this tyre helps in increasing traction on wet and dry roads.
    • These tyres have a good resistance against wear and tear. It does not wear out early and lasts longer.
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PirelliTyres Warranty

Pirelli Tyres warranty is applicable on all Pirelli Original Equipment and New Replacement cars, bikes, passenger and light truck tyres with a complete D.O.T. identification number and a “Pirelli” brand name. These tyres must be supplied by Pirelli, either directly or through an authorized Pirelli dealer. These tyres must be mounted on cars, bikes or trucks for primary use within India. This Limited Warranty is extended to the first retail purchaser of the tyre in India or to the original owner of the vehicle on which Pirelli tyres come mounted as Original Equipment. This Limited Warranty does not cover any associated service charges, including costs for mounting and balancing of the tyre, tyre rotation, studding, wheel alignment, etc., unless and to the extent otherwise expressly stated herein.

Pirelli Tyre Review

Finally, when the consumers ask how good Pirelli tyres are, Tyrecafe can state that quality wise it is one of the best tyres globally. Pirelli provides excellent dry and wet grip, low noise rides, and precise handling of vehicles. You can also find Pirelli dealers in most small and big towns of the country. There is seldom any manufacturing issue with these tyres. Though the prices are slightly on the higher side, the company has not compromised with the tyres’ quality.  To get attractive discounts, you can buy Pirelli tyres online in India from TyraCafe.

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