Ralco Tyres is a popular tyre company that has gained popularity in the two-wheeler segment in India. The company’s tyres are durable and of high quality. It manufactures tyres with cutting-edge technology that offers good traction as well as long life. Price of Ralco Tyres starts from Rs 1100 for Ralco Blaster-ST and reaches till Rs 2500 for Ralco Speed Blaster. TyreCafe has some of the cheapest Ralco Tyres in India. You can also buy Ralco Tyres online in India from TyreCafe to avail great discount over multiple ranges of products.

Ralco Tyres

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Key Advantages of Ralco Tyres

  • Ralco Tyres use their cutting-edge technology to make bike tyres that offer good wet and dry grip.
  • Ralco tyres are constructed with a strong carcass that gives good control and handling.
  • The brand uses an innovative tread pattern and cool compound technology to give its tyres a longer life.
  • The rubber compound used by the company in its tyres is durable.
  • The brand tyres are designed so as to meet the requirements for Indian roads.
  • Ralco tyres are cost-effective and are suitable for low budget groups.

About Ralco Tyres

  • Ralco is a two-wheeler tyre manufacturer that produces good quality and durable tyres. Ralco is a subsidiary of Ralson Tyres.
  • Ralco has innovative and advanced research and development centres that make use of cutting-edge technology to produce tyres that offer good traction, good handling, good braking and also a long tyre life.
  • The company’s R&D centre in India is recognized by the Government of India's Department of Science and Technology. All the innovations on the tyre are done from here.
  • Ralco uses the Cool Compound Technology, aggressive tread patterns and innovative rubber compounds to minimize wear and tear and give high performance even over rough and wet surfaces.
  • Ralco offers its tyres in a wide range, available in various sizes all across India to make a significant place in the growing 2 wheeler segment.

Popular Ralco Tyres Price and Features

Ralco Tyre manufactures a wide range of tyres in the two-wheeler category. Here are some of the popular Ralco Tyres along with their features and advantages. The best price for Ralco tyres is available at TyreCafe. You can also purchase Ralco Tyres online in India from TyreCafe.

1. Ralco Speed Blaster

  • Price – Ralco Speed Blaster tyres price in India starts from Rs 1400 and goes to as high as Rs 2500.
  • Structure and Features –
    • This bike tyre is constructed with a strong carcass that gives good handling and control.
    • The innovative tread pattern gives great wet and dry grip on different types of terrains.
    • Made with cool compound technology, these tyres cool down easily and avoid early wear and tear.
    • With improved safety, these tyres have an increased life.
    • Constructed with a special rubber compound, this tyre has efficient dry and wet braking.

2. Ralco Night Dragon

  • Price - The price of Ralco Night Dragon tyre is Rs 2500.
  • Structure and Features –
    • This tyre has a long tread life that gives better safety on the road.
    • They give excellent wet and dry braking due to the presence of a special rubber compound.
    • The presence of a strong carcass gives great control and handling.
    • These tyres have excellent grip, long life and they give a luxurious ride.

3. Ralco Blaster Pro

  • Price – Ralco Blaster Pro tyre is available between Rs 1350 to Rs 2400.
  • Structure and Features –
    • Superior grip on different types of terrains provides safety while driving on different types of roads.
    • Specially designed for Indian types of roads, these tyres come with optimum braking on both wet and dry roads.
    • Built with cool compound technology, the risk of uneven wear is reduced and the tyres have a longer life.

4. Ralco Dura Sport

  • Price – The price of Ralco Dura Sport tyre goes up to Rs 2000.
  • Structure and Features –
    • Ralco Dura Sport has been designed for high-speed bikes. It provides optimum braking at high speed.
    • With a great grip on the road, this bike tyre gives optimum traction.
    • This bike tyre avoids early wear and cools down immediately after long rides.
    • These tyres are durable and last longer as compared to other similar tyres of different brands.
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RalcoTyres Warranty

Ralco Tyres Warranty is applicable on Two Wheeler tyres for three years from the date of manufacturing or two years from the date of invoice, whichever comes first. Tyres will be replaced on a pro-rata basis up to 85% of tread wear and no warranty is applicable beyond that percentage. The warranty can be availed only on the basis of the invoice for the production of sales & the warranty card. Damaged tubes along with the tyre are not covered under this warranty. The decision of Ralco services personnel will be final. The warranty is not applicable to any damage that does not affect the working or the safety of the tyre. It is also not applicable on road injuries like cuts or puncture, hazard due to Incorrect mounting of the tyre, tyres fitted to or used with incompatible valves or rims.

Ralco Tyre Review

In conclusion, Tyrecafe can say that Ralco tyres are good quality tyres. They are trusted by some of the world's most popular bike manufacturing brands as well. When it comes to performance, Ralco tyres offer great execution as compared to many other tyre brands. The best part about them is they are cheaper than many other national and international tyre brands. Authorised Ralco tyre dealers are present in many cities of the country. Ralco is certainly a good brand to consider when you next need bike tyres.

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