49 Apollo Tyre Dealers or Shops in Kolkata

Radha Car World

  • 116F/2,1 B.T.Road, Kamarhati (Nr.230 Bus Stand),Kol-58KolkataWest Bengal

Auto Sales Agencies Pvt.Ltd

  • 126,Chittaranjan Avenue, KolkataKolkataWest Bengal
  • asa_dub@yahoo.com

Bansi Automotive Tyres (P) Ltd

  • 24, Girish Avenue, Baghbazar, KolkataKolkataWest Bengal
  • bansityres@gmail.com

Baranagar Service Station

  • 131,B.T.Rd,Baranagar,Kol-108KolkataWest Bengal

Camac Tyre House,Pmh Traders Pvt Lt

  • 26A, Camac Street, Kolkata - 700 026KolkataWest Bengal

Commercial Sales

  • 155, Ashokgarh,Pwd Road,KolkataKolkataWest Bengal

East India Tyre Co.

  • 69/2 B, Poddapukur Road, KolkataKolkataWest Bengal
  • eastindiatyreco@gmail.com

Eastern Tyre Service

  • 115 - A, C.R.Avenue, KolkataKolkataWest Bengal
  • aditya_kandoi@rediffmail.com

Eastern Tyres

  • 34 K K Tagore Street,KolkataKolkataWest Bengal

Gopal Trading

  • Reckjoani, Rajarhat,KolkataKolkataWest Bengal

Haralalka Sales And Service

  • 202 Ashok Garh, (P.W.D.Road), KolkataKolkataWest Bengal

Haralalka Tyre Agencies (P) Ltd

  • 19 K .K . Tagore Street, KolkataKolkataWest Bengal

Indo Radial Club

  • 9/2,Ashutosh Mukherjee Rd.KolkataWest Bengal
  • indoradialclub@yahoo.com

Indo Radial Club Prop.Acpl

  • 11/A, East Topsia Road,KolKolkataWest Bengal
  • irc_topsia@yahoo.com

Indo Radial Club Prop.Astha Comm.P.

  • 10/1/E Diamond Harbour Rd, Kol -27KolkataWest Bengal
  • irc.dhr@gmail.com

Indo Tyres (Cal) Pvt. Limited

  • 46, K K Tagore Street,KolkataKolkataWest Bengal
  • indo_46@yahoo.com

Kirna Tyres

  • 109, B.T.Rd,KolkataWest Bengal

Kolkata Tyres

  • 201, Barrackpure Road, Talikhola, P.O. Nabapally, BarasatKolkataWest Bengal
  • tapan_business@rediffmail.com

Lalit Automobiles Pvt.Ltd.

  • 17/19 R.G.Kar Road, Shyambazar, KolkataKolkataWest Bengal
  • subhsish@rediffmail.com

Lubricating Centre Pvt Ltd.

  • 136 B.T. Road, Kolkata -35.KolkataWest Bengal
  • lcpl_kol@yahoo.com

Laxmi Shaw

  • Laxmi Shaw, 153A, B.K.Paul Avenue, Kolkata-700 005KolkataWest Bengal

Maa Distributors

  • Vill-Muragacha, P.O.Ugberia, Dist-(N) 24 ParganasKolkataWest Bengal

Maaya Tyres Pvt Ltd

  • 55, Kalikrishna Tagore Street, KolkataKolkataWest Bengal
  • maayatyres@yahoo.in

Madhusudan Traders

  • Ratanpur,Singur,HooghlyKolkataWest Bengal
  • madhusudan_tdrs@yahoo.in

Mondal Tyres

  • Po:Kandi, Kandi Petrol Pump; MurshidabadKolkataWest Bengal
  • mondaltyres@rediffmail.com

Narayan Tyre

  • D-176, Trenching Ground Rd,KolKolkataWest Bengal
  • sshaw786@gmail.com

New Southern Tyres

  • Paschim Panch Gachia, P.Os.- Gocharan, Thana Baruipur, Dist-(S) 24 ParganasKolkataWest Bengal

Naktala Tyre House

  • 1/65, Naktala, Kolkata - 700 047KolkataWest Bengal

Punjab Motors Traders

  • 5A, A M Road,Kolkata -20KolkataWest Bengal
  • pmtbindra@yahoo.co.in

Sagar Enterprises

  • 9,Dr.Sudhir Basu Road, KolkataKolkataWest Bengal

Saha Enterprises

  • Baruipur,SibanipithKolkataWest Bengal

Sardar Radial Agency

  • Kamalgachi, P.O.Narendrapur, P.S-Sonarpur, Kol-103KolkataWest Bengal

Southend Tyres

  • 5B,Ashutosh Mukherjee Road,KolkataKolkataWest Bengal

Speed Tyres

  • 2697, Vidya Sagar Sarani, James Long SaraniKolkataWest Bengal

Sri Krishna Tyres

  • 139. B.T.Road, - 700 108KolkataWest Bengal

Surya Construction And Tyre Sales

  • Lauhati, RajarhatKolkataWest Bengal

Tridev Tyre Agency

  • Pailanhat, Chakraju Molla, KolkatKolkataWest Bengal

Tyre Zone

  • 81, Golaghata Rd, Vip Rd,Kolkata,KolkataWest Bengal

Unique Tyres

  • 47/1 A.K.Paul Road, KolkataKolkataWest Bengal

United Sales Agencies (Cal)Pvt Ltd

  • 26 Kalikrishnatagore Road, KolkataKolkataWest Bengal
  • usacpl@rediffmail.com

Verma Tyres

  • 31, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, BhawanipurKolkataWest Bengal


  • 126 Chittaranjan AvenueKolkataWest Bengal
  • asa_dub@yahoo.com


  • 69 / 2 B, Poddapukur RoadKolkataWest Bengal
  • eastindiatyreco@gmail.com


  • 46 K K Tagore StreetKolkataWest Bengal
  • indo_46@yahoo.com


  • 136 B T RoadKolkataWest Bengal


  • PhuntsholingKolkataWest Bengal


  • Chuanpur, Berhampore, MurshidabadKolkataWest Bengal


  • Charu Kutir, Shankarara, Tamluk, PurbaKolkataWest Bengal


  • 26 Kalikrishnatagore RoadKolkataWest Bengal
  • usacpl@rediffmail.com
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