Vredestein B. V. is a premium brand of tyres currently owned by Apollo group. They manufacture a range of radials in various sizes used extensively as Vredestein car tyres, Vredestein SUV tyres, Vredestein van tyres, and Vredestein truck tyres. Vredestein tyres price in India starts from Rs 6500 for Sportrac 5 Tyres and goes to as high as Rs 31400 for Vredestein Ultrac SUV Sessanta. Buy Vredestein tyres from TyreCafe, the one-stop destination for all brands of tyres. We offer the cheapest Vredestein tyres and expert guidance on tyre-care for extended tread life.

Vredestein Tyres

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Key Advantages of Vredestein Tyres

  • Wider longitudinal grooves along with diverging grooves in Quatrac tyres offer superb water evacuation.
  • High silica and resin content provide excellent traction even on wet or snowy roads.
  • Broad central ribs enable precise control and sensitivity of vehicle.
  • Vredestein Snowtrac 5 tyres offer outstanding performance on snow and ice surfaces.
  • Vredestein tyres cater to all segment of vehicles from 

About Vredestein Tyres

About Vredestein Tyres

  • Vredestein tyres started its journey in Netherland when Emile Louis Constant Schiff acquired Nederlandse Guttapercha Maatschappij in Delft on 6 November 1908. A year later Schiff moved his company to Loosduinen and started operating under a new name N.V. Rubberfabriek Vredestein (taken from Schiff’s earlier farm dealing with rubber). Initially, they started manufacturing every type of rubber products including tennis balls, shoe heels, boots, and floor coverings.
  • In 1934, Loosduinen production facility got destroyed by fire. However, the company went ahead with the reconstruction immediately after the unfortunate event and also established the Doetinchem bicycle tyre factory in the same year.
  • In 1946, N.V. Nederlandsch-Amerikaansche Autobanden-Fabriek Vredestein started its operation at Enschede. The American tyre giant B.F. Goodrich acquired 20% of the shares in this company.
  • 1962 was another golden year for Vredestein when the company merged with N.V. Rubberfabrieken Hevea in Raalte. It gave exponential growth in sales of Vredestein tyres.
  • In 1971, Vredestein started functioning as a wholly owned subsidiary of B.F. Goodrich and their products soon became available in more than 125 countries. Vredestein started producing two-wheelers, cars, agricultural, and industrial tyres. It started acquiring increasing international recognition thanks to the management’s focus on innovation, distinctive designs, and manufacturing of high-performance technology driven radials. In 1990, famous Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro collaborated with Vredestein, and it started producing tyres for Volkswagen Golf I, BMW M1, and Maserati 3200 GT.
  • In 2009, India's Apollo Tyres Ltd acquired Vredestein, and the radial company started operating as Apollo Vredestein B.V. With this acquisition by Apollo Tyres, Vredestein gained improved access to the Asian and Middle Eastern markets. They started producing Vredestein tyres for Swift, Vredestein tyres for Verna, Vredestein tyres for Duster, Vredestein tyres for Verna, Vredestein tyres for Gypsy, and Vredestein tyres for Fortuner. Vredestein tyres dealers India remain pleased about the customer feedback about these radials and have posted positive Vredestein tyres reviews at various sites.

Popular Vredestein Tyres Price and Features

Being a trusted name in the world of tyres, Vredestein manufactures a range of radials for different categories of vehicles. Please browse through the portal of Tyrecafe to check the best prices and Vredestein tyre sizes. We have Vredestein tyres for Innova, Vredestein tyres for Scorpio, Vredestein tyres for XUV500, Vredestein tyres for Thar, and a range of other tyres in our stock. Buy Vredestein tyres online in India from our portal to avail attractive discounts on products.

1. Vredestein Quatrac 5

  • Price- Vredestein Quatrac 5 tyres India price list starts from Rs 17842.
  • Structures and Features-
    • Unique tread pattern offering excellent water drainage for superb wet grip.
    • Quatrac 5 is an all-weather tyre used extensively on wet surfaces as well as snow-laden roads.
    • Low rolling resistance of these radials makes them fuel efficient.
    • Presence of 3D grip claws improves grip and cornering capabilities even at high speed.
    • The upper-end model of Quatrac 5 available in India has a width of 205 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 55, and a rim size of 16 inches.
    • This tyre remains compatible with Audi A3, Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Corolla Altis, BMW 1 Series, Skoda Octavia, Fiat Aventura, and Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

2. Vredestein Ultrac Vroti

  • Price- Cost of Vredestein Ultrac Vroti tyres in India ranges between Rs XXXX to Rs XXXX.
  • Structures and Features-
    • It is a premium tyre from Vredestein designed for ultra-luxurious supercars like Bentley Continental, BMW 7 Series, Jaguar XJ, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Maserati Quattroporte, and Lexus LS 460.
    • Presence of full silica compound in treads provides remarkable dry and wet grip.
    • Vredestein Ultrac Vroti tyres have broad contact patches for superior handling even at high speed.
    • You get superb cornering capability due to the presence of 4-radii contour.
    • Wide longitudinal grooves give excellent wet traction.

3. Vredestein Snowtrac 5

  • Price- Best price Vredestein Snowtrac 5 tyres start from Rs 6500.
  • Structure and Features-
    • Unique sipe technology of Vredestein Snowtrac 5 tyres provides excellent grip on snowy and icy roads.
    • Presence of full silica compound offers unmatchable stability to the vehicle.
    • Stealth tread design and stable zone in the middle of the treads produce minimum noise while driving.
    • Minimal rolling resistance saves fuel during the journey.
    • Vredestein Snowtrac 5 tyres remain compatible with Hyundai Elite i20, Hyundai i20 Activa, Maruti Ciaz, Maruti Baleno, Hyundai 4S Fluidic Verna, and Fiat Punto EVO.

4.   Vredestein Sportrac 5

  • Price- Vredestein Sportrac 5 tyres price list ranges between Rs XXXX to Rs XXXX.
  • Structure and Features-
    • Vredestein Sportrac 5 tyres are ideal summer radials for mid-segment vehicles like Maruti SX4, Toyota Prius, Skoda Laura, Toyota Corolla Altis, and Ford Ecosport.
    • Presence of wide circumferential grooves makes the vehicle stop within a short distance along with better drainage on wet roads.
    • Z-shaped grooves provide stiffness at the middle of the rib.
    • Vredestein Sportrac 5 tyres produce less road noise and offer precise handling.

5.   Vredestein Quatrac Pro

  • Structure and Features-
    • Presence of high silica and resin content offers superior traction on wet and snowy surfaces.
    • The tyres have unique winter and summer sides ensuring outstanding performance during all weather conditions.
    • Wider longitudinal grooves and diverging grooves provide excellent water evacuation.
    • It is one of the favourite radials of customers who insist on buying Vredestein Quatrac Pro tyres online in India for availing the best price.
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VredesteinTyres Warranty

The standard Vredestein tyres warranty in India is 5years from the date of manufacture or till the tread depth reaches 2/32 inches (whichever is earlier). This warranty is applicable in case of non-repairable damage due to puncture, snag, bruising, or impact break by road hazards like potholes, glass, and nails. Only original buyers from authorised Vredestein tyre dealers are eligible for a warranty of radials.

Vredestein Tyre Review

Finally, when the question arises how good Vredestein tyres are, we, the radial experts at TyreCafe can state without any doubt that they are a premium brand of tyres for two-wheelers, cars, vans, SUV, and agricultural vehicles. These radials offer excellent dry and wet grip on roads, precise handling, outstanding stability even at high speed, and enhanced fuel efficiency. There are numerous positive Vredestein tyres India reviews from satisfied customers. Buy Vredestein tyres online from Tyrecafe to select the best tyre for your vehicle at an attractive price range.

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