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Best Place to Buy Tyres Online in India & Compare Tyre Prices | TyreCafe

TyreCafe has emerged as one of the best tyre discovery platforms, which helps car and bike owners to buy the best tyres online at cost-effective prices in India. This tech-based platform is a one-stop destination to reach the widest range of top tyre brands and buy tyres online in India, be it car tyres or bike tyres.

TyreCafe has been designed in a way that it provides real-time solutions to people through artificial intelligence and machine learning. This website works as an advanced marketplace with trusted sellers. With the help of expert reviews, detailed specifications and comparisons, we strive to save customers’ time and money.

Our mission is not only to provide an e-commerce platform to the buyers but also a place to gather the latest information related to the automotive and tyre industry.

TyreCafe provides the following:

  • Buy Tyres Online – TyreCafe provides best tyres online in India. Customers can search for tyres according to their need and preference. To make things hassle-free, the website gives the option of buying tyres according to the tyre brand, the vehicle model, the tyre size and the tyre price. One can also compare similar tyres of different brands and choose the best one according to their preference. You can find discounts on branded tyres and buy cheap tyres online in India at TyreCafe. Here you can compare tyres online, find reviews of the best tyres in India and know the best tyres in India of 2019.

  • Information About the Product - This website has been structured in such a way that people can easily view all the details along with the tyre price online. The key features of the tyres are given along with the tyre price and the tyre size.

  • Tyre Reviews – The expert reviews on tyres give additional information about the tyre. You can find reviews of some of the best tyres in India. There are reviews given on car tyres and bike tyres that give a clear understanding of whether or not to buy a particular product.

  • Tyre Comparison – Tyres can be compared on the basis of many factors. TyreCafe lets you compare tyres on the basis of their features and price range. This comparison of tyres helps you find the best tyre for your vehicle at a suitable cost.

  • Best Dealers – TyreCafe gets you in touch with the best tyre dealers in India. With trusted dealers all across the country, you can look for the nearest tyre dealer online according to your geographical location.

  • Latest News and Articles – To keep you updated with the latest tyre news, TyreCafe has a news section that has the latest news about tyre and auto industry. This section covers everything, from new launches to major events happening in the tyre industry all around the globe. The article section of the website covers all the useful information about tyre maintenance, tyre technologies, tyre accessories, etc. It not only educates the user about the importance of tyres but also keeps the user updated with latest facts about tyres.

  • Tools and Services – With the presence of important tools like tyre pressure tool and tyre upsizing tool, customers can easily know the ideal pressure and appropriate upsizing rule for their tyres.

With all these features available at a single stop, it becomes easier for the customers to buy tyres online in India at the best price.

Buy Tyres Online | Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know what tyre to choose for my car?

    • To find the compatible tyre for your vehicle, you should know your car’s model and variant. It is also important to know what tyre size you are looking for. One must go through all the specifications, expert reviews, ratings and comparable options to choose the best tyre online. The choice of a tyre also depends on the type of terrain it will be used on. There are summer, winter and all-season tyres available for different weather conditions as well.


  • How to find the size of a tyre?

    • To check the ideal tyre size one simply needs to see the numbers and letters written on the sidewall of the tyre. Let’s take an example. On the sidewall of your tyre, there will be a manufacturing date and besides that date, there will be a marking like 265/65 R17 112T. Let’s see what this marking mean:

      • 265 (width): This denotes the width of the tyre in millimetres. In this case, the tyre width is 265mm.

      • 65 (profile): This is the profile or the depth of the sidewall. This means that in this case, the profile is 65.

      • R17 (Rim diameter): This is the diameter of the wheel rim. In the case, the diameter is 17. It is measured in inches, therefore it is 17in.

      • 112 (load index): This denotes the tyres maximum load bearing capacity, which is 112 in this case.

      • T (speed rating): The speed rating is the maximum speed which is determined in correspondence with the load index. In this case, the speed of the tyre is “T” which means it is 190km/h according to the speed chart.


  • When does a tyre expire?

    • Just like any other part of your vehicle, your tyres also depreciate over time. Experts say that a tyre expires after 6 years of its manufacturing date. There are many factors because of which a tyre gets expired. These are:

      • Wear and tear

      • Outside temperature

      • Oxidation

      • Contact with water, heat and rough terrain

      • Speedy rotation of tyres

      • Tread separation


  • Do unused tyres expire as well?

    • It doesn’t matter if a tyre is used or unused, it will expire when the time will come. The reason behind the depreciation of unused tyres is oxidation. When a tyre is exposed to oxygen, just like any other rubber material, it hardens over time and eventually breaks down. Oxidation is a natural process, therefore, even if a tyre is not being used, it will expire eventually.


  • What causes tyre blowouts?

    • Tyre blowout occurs when one of your vehicle’s tyres loses its pressure suddenly. A tyre blowout is very different from tyre puncture. Let’s look at the causes of a tyre blowout:

      • Under-inflation: A tyre which is inflated less than it should be can be dangerous as under-inflated tyres bulge out under the vehicle’s weight. Bulging out can cause bursting of the tyre due to heavy load on the tyre.

      • Over-loading: Over-loading in any vehicle, usually a two-wheeler can cause the tyre to burst. One should check the maximum limit that the tyres can endure and then load the vehicle accordingly.

      • Kerbs and potholes: Riders must avoid riding over a pothole or hitting kerbs as they can immediately cause a tyre blowout.


  • What to do in a tyre blowout?

    • Follow these steps if your tyre blows out:

      • First of all, stay calm and firmly place your grip on the steering wheel with both hands.

      • Keep the car as straight as possible. In a tyre blowout, the car slides in the direction of the blown out tyre. One needs to keep the car in a straight direction.

      • Don’t go for the brakes. In such a situation, the first thing that comes to the mind is hitting the brakes but doing so will cause more problem as the car will then move towards the direction of the burst tyre even more. Even if one applies the breaks, it should be controlled or else it might lead to an accident.

      • After the vehicle is steady, safely pull over to the side.

      • Do the necessary after that. Either change your tyre with a spare wheel and move to a safer location or call for help as soon as possible.

  • How do I find the manufacturing date of my tyre?

    • To find the manufacturing date of your tyre, you should see its sidewall. The side of the tyre has some numbers written on it, and if the tyre was made before the year 2000 it's a three-digit number. The number denotes the week of the year and then the year that it was made. For example, if a tyre was manufactured in the 16th week of 1996, then the number written on it would be 166. However, if a tyre has been manufactured after 2000, it has a four-digit number written on it. So in this case, if a tyre has been manufactured on the 16th week of 2007, it would have the number 1607. Tyre manufacturers started using these four-digit codes to avoid confusion between decades. The year ‘7’ in a three-digit code could mean 1987 or even 1997. Using the last two digits of the year avoids confusion.

  • What is the benefit of Nitrogen in tyres?

    • Having Nitrogen in tyres has many benefits:

      • Maintains tyre pressure.

      • Does not migrate from the tyre.

      • Non-reactive in nature. Does not react with the rubber.

      • Larger molecular size stays in the tyre. Pure nitrogen is not mixed with any other particles and does not harm or creates an imbalance in the tyre.

      • Increases tyre life.

    • Click here to know more.

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